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    Well my ten cence worth is this. I think a lot of trades people did enjoy quite a high quality of life in the UK. Many may have had their own business's or been self employed. They may well have had nice cars and really nice houses. Work may have been erratic, yes but on a whole they could still afford good holidays and a good social life. Now they decide Australia is now beckoning because they beleive they are going to get and even better life here. They dont take into consideration that they will be immigrants, therefore they really cant expect to go in at the high level they had in the UK. They are going to have to rent for a period, they may find it a struggle to find work initially, they now have to work for someone else and are not going to earn the same amount of money straight away, so shock oh shock horror, its all been a fatal mistake lets just give up and go back! It strikes me that I cannot fathom out how on earth anyone can spend $100,000 in one month moving to Australia, how on earth does that happen? The other is, when people say a high number are returning are they taking into consideration the the vast majority of Visa's are now temporory, sponsered or whatever you call them, so these people may be having to return. It makes me soo cross, when I hear some of the complete untruths that people come out with to justify their decision. If you dont like it go home just dont come up with all sorts of complete claptrap about why you have made that decision. Im sorry but if you have not researched enough to know that you will need another qualification to work before you come out then, quite frankly you shouldnt bother coming. I am seriously ashamed sometimes by the way people act over here and their sheer arrogance about how great they are and how Australia is stupid to not realise it. OK rant over, I love this place and I love the fact that Australia has welcomed my family with open arms, has provided my OH with work, and given us the oportunity to build our own dream home, that we could not have dreamed of affording in the UK. Happy Australia Day one and all, off for a Barbie with both English and Aussie friends, life is good.:wink: 41c and not a cloud is sight :cool:
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