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    Hi Paul, Lot's of work for you over here. Quite a lot of boilermaker jobs in the West Australian yesterday, have a look at www.thewest.com.au . There is also one for farm worker in Ravensthorpe ( soz don't know where abouts that is) but they're after full time & seasonal positions for modern cropping & sheep farm with good technology it says. House provided & above award rate, experience prefered , Phone Rod 0428 389 048. Good luck hun, hope this is some help X Another one too for a tractor driver for seeding. must have experience & own transport. Meals & accommodation provided. Phone 9666 3031 after 5pm.
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    I really don't know why I bother responding to you. But if you read the papers or listened to the news you would know that Victoria is growing at a faster rate than most other states but don't let that fact get in your way. BTW are you on the wanted list? "escaped" most people leave of their own free will.
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