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    Rego (Registration) is what might be described as Vehicle Tax in the UK. CTP is complusory third-party insurance. Which pays various costs related to injuries you might inflict on a third party (but note NOT their property - costs for that would come out of your wallet unless you have other insurance). To register your car you need a pink slip, and CTP - like you need an MOT and insurance to tax your car in the UK. Also, bring evidence of no-claims discount from your insurer - some insurers here ask for it, others don't. My car costs are similar to Spottydogs.
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    ive spent more years here than i did in the uk hubby and kids are aussie ,i went back for the first time in 97 with hubby via germany [ where he had to go for a course ] and realised i really was a stranger in my own country felt like a fish out of water , went again on my british air ways points in 03 [ i had to use them or loose them ] for five days back to shropshire , went see my cousins . aunt and uncle , enoyed it but couldnt wait to get back . i asked hubby the other day if i wanted to go back to live for a while what would you say ? he told me he would see me off at the airport and wave good bye ,lol which is fair enough i lived here when he met me here , we have lived here as a family etc although the kids are semi independant , only have one left at home , i know he wouldnt handle the cold weather , it was bad enough when he came to the uk in the may he was rugged up as if in the artic circle [ a bit embaressing really !!!]
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    If you are renting you don't pay water rates so these can be removed from your list. I think you may also need to increase your car costs a bit, Pink slip (MOT for cars over 5 years old) is about $35, rego is about $300 a year then you have CTP which is another $450+ then insurance (mine was $700 for a 5 year old CR-V with high excess and full no claims). LAFHA can provide significant tax savings for temporary residents so definitely worth checking this out.
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