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    Here you go, mate, just for you on your birthday...And I couldn't care less what the rest think, or say...:wink: Newry Island, Whitsundays Group, Qld. Cheers, Bobj.
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    morning all thought id share our glimmer of hope and small bit of good news we submitted to Tas on the 30th dec and this morning received an email from the manager of migration centre to confirm they received our documents and hes only had a quick look but that our application is "looking good" and he,ll be in contact within 2 weeks:jiggy: trying to not get too confident but heres hoping kel:wubclub:
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    I encourage all who decide to post email replies from State Governments verbatim to be aware that their identities can most probably be identified by the relevant State Government. Also, I think it is bad form to post the names and email addresses of individuals working in Government Departments. I'm not a moderator, but would invite all who have identified individuals by name and email address in their postings to consider editing them. Best regards.
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    ...yep, then you see that they have posted another 49 times elsewhere on the forums and neglected you in that other thread! :biglaugh: Makes me sad. :cry: