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    WHO TOLD YOU THAT THEN LOL I was asked to join Cronulla by sons Rugby union coach he has a lot to do with with Cronulla. But I got speaking to the mums and more of the kids from the rugby club go to Wanda, So it was a word of mouth thing there kids have been going for a very long time, they have lived here all ther lives. Its a bit like picking a school really for ur kid, U ask the locals. My kids are all teenagers and my kids are very well looked after there by everyone, and myself have made some very good friends after being here 2 years. Wait till the summer starts and then you will see what Cronulla is really like. . And everyone knows if you want to be a good surfer U have to go to Wanda always better swell there just ask the locals. Hope u have settled in well Steve and Maddie is Enjoying school Anita and Doug :rolleyes:
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