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    I was out with my mates(close mates)a week saturday gone dom. Joe WAS a pharmacist,he now runs a large computer dept for the NHS,he is also a millionaire because him and his bro mikey developed some software/game and sold it to a gaming company for we believe 6mill,altho he seems more embarrased about it than anything tbh,and doesnt mention it,WE take the p7ss however. Marc manages a large architectural ironmongers,his wife is in girobank she's a manager as well,two kids in uni. John has a scrapyard in mcster,earnings last yr 150k,which is why he's moving to cyprus(tax reasons),his girl is in uni,his son(RAF)is a "listener" for the gvnmt in some secret place down south,he's multi lingual obviously. Mick and wezo run a small sub contract cable laying company,they havnt had to draw wages for 18 months they make that much on the scrap cable(copper),wezo lives 6 months a yr in thailand with his wife,and they both do very well thankyou. Are they all working class?they would say yes i think. Does their status change because they have money?because they are "professional btw? We were brought up on a council estate,a VERY well kept council estate btw,were we skint?jam butties and conny onny etc? No ,my dad was a haulage contractor,3 wagons(units)and two employees,we done ok tbh,but there was no stigma in living on a council estate back then. This all started because of the job snobs,if (god forbid)your mam or dad were dying in bed,bedridden,lying in their own mess,days to live,then the care worker comes round,the poor girl who is on minimum wage,washes and bathes her,gives her some dignity back,makes her comfortable,are people telling me that that care worker is not as valuable to society as the "professional" sitting crunching numbers in an office somewhere? because to me she's EVERY bit as valuable,just because she's on minimum wage and has no letters after her name mean nothing. You EARN respect,you DONT demand/expect it because of your occupation,the fact that the aussies value tradies/blue collar AS WELL AS professionals shouldnt matter,professionals get their reward in the pay packet,dont expect to be hero worshipped because you've got a masters degree for jesus sake.
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