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    We have been granted are 176 today, Would get very drunk tonight but being 20 weeks pregnant cant lol. So everyone have a drink for me. We would like to say a massive thankyou to everyone on pio for all the help and advice you gave us, without out it dont think we would of got it. And for all the newbies out there, im not the brightest spark in the box but we did this process without the help of an agent, so it just proves that you can do the visa process by yourself. Im so excited just want to scream it from the roof tops lol. We would also like to say to our pio friends still waiting ( you know who you all our ) you will get it very soon, Once again a massive thankyou to everyone on pio Rachael, Wayne, Tyler, Lili and bumb ( boy bump)
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    Oh that is such a pity, I know its really hard. We applied for 175 last May of last year and have had everything in and medicals etc. all completed and case officer and were just waiting on a decision when the announcment was made, at the min ready to pull my teeth out. At least you have the flat to concentrate on but at least if you knew you were getting the state sponsorship at least you could start to make plans as I honestly have no belief now in 175 unless your on the CSL list but then again seen a lad on this that applied in March 2008 for 175 and he still has not got his visa and he is still on the CSL. I know its hard but you could still be there yet for September and fingers crossed you do, its just a pity that we cant look it up online and then you cant ring them as they really dont want phonecalls but what do they honestly expect, pointless telling us 4-6 weeks and then ignoring us after it. Im just terrified a new list will be made out again in June and OH is a carpenter and be removed off it. I sound so miserable today, honestly Im not like that but this waiting is terrible
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    Thanks Happy Lass I think I will go ahead and do my police checks and medical so that I am ahead of things. I'll let you know how I get on. Thanks again