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    hello everyone...................... Please can you help me........ I only need 9 more clicks to get another green bar!!!! please click me....:wubclub::wubclub: Hee hee, how cheeky am I!!!!
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    Hi everyone I've clicked as many of you as I could. Denise x
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    Can i be really sad and cheeky and ask if you can click me to, i would like another bar Cheers Tania X
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    I clicked you all escept for Tania (sorry Tania, I clicked you yesterday so that's you finished for a few days lol!) Mrs Tyke xx
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    consider it done, another click to help you on your way rita
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    Some boring facts, quite frankly these seem to be more interesting? The entire World population could be squeezed onto the Isle of Wight. Bill Oddie's religion forbids him from eating glass. Some people think there really is a place called, "Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwerndrobwllllantisiliogogogoch" You need a 13 mm spanner to undo an M8 bolt. The circumference of the rim of a standard pint glass is just less than twice its height. There are more water molecules in a glass of water than there are glasses of water on earth An elephant's penis weighs half a hundredweight. Pacific Standard Time began last Sunday 50 kilograms = 110.2311 pounds <LI value=10>8 stone = 1 hundredweight 1 hundredweight = 112 pounds 20 hundredweight = 1 ton The genus Dryandra should really be classified under Banksia according to some recent genetic research. I have two shoulders. This is about average. Diesel engines have not yet been tried in toothbrushes. Fat neighbours are known as `weighbours'. Water is actually very slightly blue. Insurance companies cover damage to pipes from freezing and any subsequent water damage under two seperate insured perils. Frozen Pipes and Escape of Water. But they don't cover frost damage because it's a gradually operating cause. If snow gats blown inside the roof cavity of your house then melts and causes the ceilings to collapse , your insurance company won't cough up unless you are covered for flood damage. There is no VAT on cakes. Banana plants bears only one stem of fruit. To produce a new stem, only two shoots - known as the daughter and the granddaughter - are allowed to grow and be cultivated from the main plant. 3% of all mammals are monogamous. Technically speaking, the whale is not actually a fish. If a sardine is more than four inches long then technically it's a pilchard. Women lose more calories faking an orgasm than actually having an orgasm. In the US there is a bit of legislation officially listing lobsters as insects, to allow restaurants to cook them alive. This despite lobsters being genetically closer to humans then they are to insects. Although 95% of the human genome is also shared with chimpanzees, we have 50% in common with a banana. Except, according to recent research, for Manchester United supporters where the figure is near 65% In the 6th century, the Three Chapters were an an attempt to reconcile the Monophysites with the Dyphysites following the failure of the Henotikon. The Three Chapters anathematised Theodore of Mopsuestia and Theodoret of Cyrus, as well as condemning the letter of Ibas to Maris. The Great Wall of China is not visible from space. Lemmings do not hurl themselves to their deaths in their thousands - nor even singly. Velcro, Teflon, Carbon Fibre, and whole long list of things were not space spin-offs. Every 4 years, monthly-paid staff have to work an extra day - for NOTHING! A guyed tubular steel mast, which at 1,265 feet (385 m) is the tallest structure in the UK (and in the European Union) is in Lincolnshire. Tallest freestanding structure in the EU, at 368.5 m (1209 ft) is in Riga. The municipal borough of Richmond, Surrey, was the first local authority in England and Wales to commence a programme of municipal housing provision under the 1890 Housing Act. Astronaut William Pogue thought he had seen the Great Wall of China from Skylab but discovered he was actually looking at the Grand Canal of China near Beijing. He spotted the Great Wall with binoculars, but said that "it wasn't visible to the unaided eye." US Senator Jake Garn claimed to be able to see the Great Wall with the naked eye from a space shuttle orbit in the early 1980s, but his claim has been disputed by several US astronauts. Chinese astronaut Yang Liwei said he could not see it at all. Extremely low frequency (ELF) is the band of radio frequencies from 3 to 3000 Hz. ELF was used by the U.S. Navy and Soviet/Russian Navy to communicate with submerged submarines. This is because water over 20 metres deep is opaque to radio waves with higher frequencies. If you didn't have knees, you wouldn't be able to sit down. The barcode number for this bottle of vodka is 4 603400 000203 An aerial outdoors is known as an outdoor aerial. The smallest penis ever recorded actually belonged to a guy called Aldo, it measured 3/8ths of an inch, which was mainly made up from foreskin. More people in the UK own two cars than own two novels. Bananas are very difficult to grow in Canada, which has nothing to do with nibbling beavers. The hairs that grow on your bum are 50% wider than the ones that grow on your arm. There is a part of your body that only exists if you are doing something. Sir Francis Drake was NOT the admiral of the fleet that chased off the Spanish. That was in fact Charles Howard of Effingham. Banana trees are not trees. Peanuts are not nuts. Tomatoes are not vegetables. A cucumber is also a fruit. I own my own pen. Using hexadecimal(base 16) numbers you can represent the top and bottom 4 bits of an 8 bit number using 2 hexadecimal digits Porridge exists. The serial number of my left hand flange bracket is 345211-B There are many colours in the world and I am just some of them. There is not a Man in the Moon. Gently cradling a strangers testicles is not an acceptable greeting anywhere in the European Union. Female praying mantises can't fly. Fly paper is hard write on. The spadefoot toad is the only amphibian that has a penis. Homo sapiens is the only primate that does not have a bone in its penis. A guy called Earlswood won a vote on PIO so that he could stay as a member and annoy people Cats abhor vacuums. Field Marshal Montgomery's grandfather wrote Eric, Or Little By Little Michael Heseltine has become doddery. The oldest known fossil penguin species is Waimanu manneringi which lived in New Zealand during the early Paleocene, about 62 million years ago. Mrs Waimanu Manneringi says that rumours of her fossilization, are greatly exaggerated. Despite all the westerns in which he appeared, Henry Fonda hated horses. The Lybian flag is green. That's it. Just green. The state flag of Ohio is a swallow-tailed pennant.
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    Hi All ok, this is our story so far and the purpose of this post is to share our findings etc, so (in no order) 1) house sold! sold board up (we're in grays, essex) pm for the estate agent and solicitor used. sold board up awaiting exchange of contracts 2) leaving doo venue booked, great and very cheap hall (again pm if you want details) 3) container co decided and deposit sent 4) airline decided on and where to fly from 5) appointment on 20th Aug with commonwealth bank in london to open account (can be done by post) 6) had job interview over phone (as a result of applying via www.seek.com.au) awaiting package offer 7) car sold, tortoise relocated lol and off to a boot sale on this sunday if anyone wants to pick our brains please feel free. good luck to all for those going to the essex meet on the 24th aug, see you there. (kim (kpnuts) will find me and inflict severe pain if we don't show, lol) all the best mark and tracey
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    have lit a couple of candles for ya... get well soon love lisa & rest o hutchiesxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
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    Rats can live longer without water than camels.
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    44 is wrong, the bottom 4 binary digits are 1,2 4 and 8 which total 15, or F in Hexadecimal, with two hexidecimal digits the highest number is FF which is 255 or, the highest possible 8 bit binary number
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    wow!!!! So many replies! Yey!!! :jiggy::jiggy: I will now have to spend ages clicking you all back And here is my useful tip for kdal - DONT leave a velux roof window open while you go shopping if it rains torrentially!! AAARRRRGGGHHHH!! Our massive wool rug is now soaked and smells horrid!!!! Noooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!
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    clicked yer chick for you. also clicked as others as it will let me today. Rita
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    now I'll try and think of some useful tips....hang on...
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    ok....here goes with a joke... What is brown and sticky?? A stick. Wow that is a bad joke!
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    Anybody ever had there application referred to a different department because of a criminal record??? We have been waiting for our CO, they have everything they need upfront and our app.was sent in Nov.06. I asked our agent to find out what was going on with our case as we are reading so many of you lucky peeps are gettin CO's and VISA's and we have not heard a dickie bird. She got back to me today saying all cases are being referred to a new dept. if the said person had received a sentence of 12 months or more. OH served 6 months of a 12 month custodial sentence 10 years ago. (nothing sinister, he got caught helping a mate out of a bit of bother and ended up serving time for the fight, even tho nobody had broken bones or stitches!!) We have been told to sit and WAIT - arrgggghhhh - done enough of that!!! He has sent character references and a stat.declaration. Any advice greatly received before our dreams slip away. Cheers from a Dispondent Donna
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    Once again i agree with Cal But also being new to the country where do you go to find the bargins? in the UK you know where to go to buy what you need at rock bottom prices. You know what store sells what. For instance if you go to the queen vic market on a sunday they are selling meat, fish veg cheaper than any other day of the week as its closed Monday, Tuesday the later you go the cheaper it gets! How do you know about these things unless someone tells you or you stumble on it! It's the same as Asda go at 9pm loads of discounted items or on a Sunday with the bread etc. By the way all Markets in Victoria that close for more than 1 day sell off there stock at a reduced rate. Also ask for there best price most will lower the price if you ask or bulk buy! Maybe we should start up a thread where we can go and get good deals?! A state by state guide to bargins ranging from a food shop to a car, holiday deals whatever! I'm sure all members in Oz have found a bargin or a tip or 2 that they can share with the rest of PIO. Geoffrey
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    A lovely thoughtful idea, we have lit ours. Rita and Tony x