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    I know I hav'nt been on here much lately, (too busy enjoying myself here in Oz) but whats all this chicken talk???!!!! What have I missed..... Im feeling left out!!!!!!!!! Someone please explain?????????? :wacko: Thanks Sally-ann x
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    I have spoken with Janette tonight (morning in Perth) and at the moment Billy's condition is stable , so much so that they have now decided that at 2pm Perth Time they are going to take Billy down to theartre for another operation. Although Janette cannot get to the computer she has asked me to Personaly Say a BIG THANKYOU to all those who have Posted on The Forum and that she is very grateful to those who have written such nice things. She will and i have no doubt that Janette will come on in the future to thank everyone of you Personaly for all the support you have shown through out this time of need. I would just like to say and i beleive i speak for everyone on this forum, ''OUR THOUGHTS AND PRAYERS ARE WITH YOU BILLY ON A SPEEDY RECOVERY'' Thanks marknhelen
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    i clicked ya chicks, Sally Ann, Ancient Brits, Eddie & tina, i couldn't do the rest of ya cos i've either clicked ya before recently or i run out o clicks Lisax
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    Hi Soapy We are heading out the same way as you too (eventually!!) if you have any questions ask away....you'll soon be addicted!!! Mrs Tyke xx :wubclub:
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    Hi, So pleased to hear that Billy has made it through the op - get well soon Billy we are all thinking of you! All the best, Nikci
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    Hi, Just wanted to welcome you to the site - everyone really helpful and although some members are a bit nuts most a fairly sane - lol! Good luck. All the best, Nikci
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    so happy for you and your'e family.....all the very best ShelljXx
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    Hi Sally-ann I've clicked yer chick to help you on your way. As Sheena says it's all light hearted fun,keeps me from going mad !!! waiting for a C/O . Rita
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    Hi and a great warm welcome to PIO Best wishes Tania X
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