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  2. dwonderer

    skills assessment TRA outcome time

    ah ok hope it comes back soon then! i was not aware their was a interview also?is that just for certain trades or is that mandatory for everybody with the TRA requirements?
  3. Fung

    Skillselect ENS 186 Timeline

    Congratulations! Was your nomination approved today as well just before the grant of visa? And which state did you apply from?
  4. BacktoDemocracy

    The (all new) Brexit Thread

    Yep you can, if all you want to be is a sh*t stirrer and nothing else.
  5. So can someone show me screenshot of their generic email mine doesn't say it's automated email so m confused its more like a check list
  6. Her interview was on 26 th April she didn't get generic email 1st but after interview they asked her for more documents
  7. BacktoDemocracy

    I'm glad I'm not a women in Alabama.

  8. Anthony from Moneycorp

    GBP and AUD update

    The pound to Australian dollar exchange rate has come under added pressure following new Brexit developments, which are once again starting to impact on sterling exchange rates. Rates for GBP vs AUD had rallied higher since last Friday when US President Donald Trump delivered on his promise to impose additional tariffs on Chinese good coming into the US. The uncertainty has continued after China then imposed 60 billion worth of tariffs on US exports escalating the trade war further. Overnight has seen the rift widen after China has reportedly said that they may not continue with these trade negotiations unless the US shows “sincerity”. Any developments in this spat are likely to see a reaction for the pound to Australian dollar exchange rate. The Australian dollar also faces a further slide lower as the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) considers cutting interest rates. New Zealand have already cut interest rates this month signalling the mood in this part of the world for the commodity currencies. Concerns in the Australian economy and the recent weak retail sales data continue to point the RBA in the direction of cutting interest rates putting added pressure on the Australian dollar. In the UK the Brexit debate is heating up ahead of European elections to be held 23rd May. Major volatility for sterling exchange rates is expected around this time with many voters expected to leave the two main parties for the Liberal Democrats, Change UK and the newly formed Brexit Party. If there is a major shift towards the Brexit Party under Nigel Farage then this may be seen as a reaffirmation of the Leave vote and could help shape the direction of Brexit with a potentially cleaner Brexit to become possible, something that would be seen as negative for the sterling exchange rates. It should not be underestimated how much of a political stir these elections could cause which could see high currency volatility. The fourth and final vote on the existing withdrawal agreement will be held in the first week of June. This event will likely see major volatility for GBP to AUD rates. The Prime Minister is expected to lose this vote and her departure from office is to be expected shortly after this date with Conservative MPs already preparing for a quick leadership contest. A change of leader will almost certainly have a bearing on the direction of Brexit and hence the strength of the pound.
  9. haleema_tabbasum

    489/190 visa

    Hello Everyone I am in bit of confusing state. I just want to know, if to get invited for NT under 489/190, do i need to live there to get invitation.I am currently holding 65 points.I live in brisbane.
  10. BobPetairUK

    English bulldog

    Hi Flying all pets is a risk of about 1 in 10000. Flying a snub nosed dog is about 1 in 100. Most airlines will not take these pets as they dont want the adverse publicity if anything bad happens, but we can still fly them to Australia from Heathrow with Qantas. We may be able to fly them from Scotland with Emirates at certain times of the year. Most pet shippers and the airlines will ask you to sign an extra disclaimer as well. Pet shippers in UK can certainly fly bulldogs from UK to Australia, but owners must know the risks. The main thing we can do to help them is to fly them in a crate which is "too big" so the ventilation is good and the simplest thing owners can do is to make sure they are lean when they fly as this can help them lots. Also, if your pet shipper is signing off the final paperwork, then the vets at that point reserve the right not to pass them fit to fly if they are unduly worried about their breathing. I make this sound really bad, i am sorry for doing that. The most likely out come by a long way is that your dog will be safe and sound, but there is an increased risk compared to other dogs. If you wanted to know any more then give our team a call and we can certainly help you.
  11. @MohadisaHello. I applied on 27th of July 2018. In your last message you mentioned about a friend of yours who applied in mid July and has recieved an interview call. Could you please tell me, if you know, by what date did she receive the interview call? I recieved my generic email on 11th of Feb and submitted the required updated docs on 12th. Waiting for your response. Your guidance will be helpful also, good luck for your procedure thanks
  12. MacGyver

    Latest recommendations for pet travel.

    Petair and Jetpets are very good. We flew australia to UK with Jetpets and we are flying back using Petair. Both companies provided a lot of very helpful information before we had booked or made any payment which can help with decision making. We're flying our dog via Dubai but I think both companies offer a different option (maybe direct from Heathrow to Perth and then onto Melbourne but not sure) Bob from petair posts on this forum and is very helpful:
  13. Hi , If any UK plumbers are in Melbourne or the surrounding suburbs and looking to install heating i have 2 vacancies immediate start ,. Message my for more info ,
  14. Paul1Perth

    Australia 2019 Federal Election thread

    If you watch ABC or SBS you would have thought she was the best thing since sliced bread when she got in.
  15. Paul1Perth

    Australia 2019 Federal Election thread

    Queensland is doing its bit with the rainforests too Bob.
  16. Paul1Perth

    Australia 2019 Federal Election thread

    Lots, on decent wages. Tourism is pretty low on the salary scale and yes, there are jobs in alternative energy coming through but not in any number or reliability yet. There will be more but again wages will be pretty low.
  17. Paul1Perth

    Australia 2019 Federal Election thread

    Remember back in the 70s when it was predicted we'd reached peak oil & gas production and it was going to run out. Then they started fracking.
  18. welljock

    Eurovision Madonna was shocking

    Except Graham Norton is not a Brit
  19. Prad

    Skillselect ENS 186 Timeline

    All of a sudden, today i got email from MA with Notification of Grant for 186 visa. Checked immi Account around 12:30 pm today this afternoon was nothing but just received. Finally got it and so much happy and excited. Thanks to this blog and everyone who give hope to others. Please update in spreadsheet and look my signature. Grant date: 20 may 2019 No further document requested.
  20. MNT

    187 Visa Processing Time

    Yes the Business is currently running, Director/Owner is not working... The business opened in mid 2015. I joined end of 2015, and applied for RCB, NOM and VISA starting July 2016... Then we got the Nomination Refusal in December 2017, VISA Refusal in February 2018. Applied for AAT in Jan n Feb 2018 (Nomination and Visa). AAT requested more documents in March 2019
  21. Today
  22. Marisawright


    Was that person a qualified agent? If not, how do you know that was the truth? I think you really, really need professional help
  23. Geace

    187 Visa Processing Time

    Hi mnt, Does your boss run the business all the time? 14 months is quite a long time. I think most boss won’t wait that long.
  24. Parley

    Eurovision Madonna was shocking

    As long as Australia beat UK all is fine
  25. Tbone

    Giving up hope for partner 309 Visa

    Alice123456.. I feel your pain and I'm in same shoes as you. Been waiting for 21 months and not a single word on my application. I have all together given up and only just tendered my resignation today and our home listed for sale with the intention of moving to be with my partner and just get on with our lives. We are at wits end and simply cannot take it any longer. I hope it works out okay for you and this somehow gives you a slight hope you're not alone but for me I'm simply done and time to move on from my dear country Australia and live my life. Stay strong and wish you the best.
  26. Anajmi

    Skillselect ENS 186 Timeline

    Thank you everybody for your responses. Is there anybody here that have gotten approval or rejection with a wage around 60K?
  27. Raul Senise

    Exception Basis

    The skills assessment is one of the main criteria for a Direct Entry application. That is not a slight error, that is a major issue as it does not meet the Regulations.
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