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  2. This is a first post. Admins please move to appropriate place if it should not be here. I am shortly going to be beginning the visa (189) application process on behalf of myself and my family. Before doing do so, my wife and I wish to address a concern of ours in relation to one of our children. Our eldest daughter (now 7) was born with a form of pediatric cancer. She received all the usual forms of front-line treatment and she also received treatment in the USA that was not readily available here. From day one her treatment went absolutely perfect without any setbacks and we are pleased to say that she is fully in remission for almost 5 years. Currently she is a happy and healthy little girl who you would never suspect was ever ill for a day in her entire life. Although her treatment is completely finished as of about 3 years ago, she still attends an oncology clinic for a physical exam and check up every 6 months. We are just wondering how her medical history might impact on our visa applications? Any help or advice at all would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
  3. Dame as what Nichola said above. We didnt upload a seperate document outlining the personal life. We both wrote the sections from out perspective on both my applications and my wife's online 40SP. Fingers crossed for you on your application. Hoping for another little flurry of approvals and RFIs this week. Still early though.
  4. Jenki75

    AHPRA registration in-principle

    I flew to Australia to present in person and flew home again.
  5. I opened a bank account online with Commonwealth bank, I walked into the branch and showed my ID, verbally gave them the Australian address and then they made sure all bank statements would just be online and not physically mailed. The branch printed off the bank statement and I took it to AHPRA. AHPRA also took the Australian address but I could have a 2nd address for mail. My AHPRA mail comes to my home address in Canada.
  6. kungfustu

    The (all new) Brexit Thread

    he was and always has been negative about a no deal brexit.....any type of brexit come to that......but I didn't call him an "armchair economist".....I called you an "armchair economist" because thats exactly what you are......dishing out your advise and opinion.....peddling your doom and gloom as if you think it matters and anyone is listening......you are out pal.....free from the clutches of this evil country......free from the perils of a lost fortune.....just think of all the other things you could now be doing.....all of those air conditioned shopping centres you could be strolling around.....all of those huge car park spaces to practice your reverse parking in......all of those melanoma clinics you could be visiting.....never a dull moment.
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  8. Elisa

    What to do if VETASSESS outcome is negative

    Certainly, just let me know how !
  9. Hi @kazronicus Congrats on getting your application in and welcome to the wait! We didn’t upload anything additional, my partner wrote out his sections on the 40sp and we felt that was enough. We just made sure to upload as much evidence that we could to validate what we were claiming - not loads but we have around 10-15 bits of evidence for each of the five sections. Not sure what everyone else thinks, or if ours is sufficient.. we’re still waiting for ours to be picked up.
  10. Gbye grey sky

    The (all new) Brexit Thread

    Hammond was very “negative” though about a no-deal Brexit as indeed were all the OBR economists. They need sound people like you to put them straight.
  11. kungfustu

    The (all new) Brexit Thread

    I didn't call him an "armchair economist" did I? is this yet another one of your over reactions and inaccurate statements?.....panic over for you.....your pension is out.....you are out.....lots of sun and big parking spaces.....I mean what else can a man want with his retirement......
  12. Gbye grey sky

    The (all new) Brexit Thread

    Hunt was just May MkII. Brexiteers must have their leader and their Brexiteer front bench going forward and fully own the mess at long last.
  13. BacktoDemocracy

    The (all new) Brexit Thread

    The facts are clear, an increasing number of elected representatives have come to their senses and have decided that allowing a bunch of fascists to have their own way and ruin the country is a step they can no longer live with, neither for themselves or the country.
  14. kungfustu

    The (all new) Brexit Thread

    yeh I'm terrified.....sh#tting myself that the liberal conservative who is Boris Johnson is going to reap havoc on society......war and famine on the horizon quickly followed by sickness and the black death......what the f#ck are we all to do.....we are all doomed......
  15. paulhand

    Job Description for a sponsored job

    1. It will really depend on what your actual occupation is, rather than just the job title. You haven't really provided enough information to make a judgement 2. They have many ways - but the burden is on the applicant to prove it, not the Government to disprove it! 3. Depends on the circumstances at the time, but you can't rely on this as a longer term pathway.
  16. kungfustu

    The (all new) Brexit Thread

    calm down dear.......
  17. Navlove

    187 Visa Processing Time

    Hi everyone, I applied my 187 in December 2018 and got RCB refused in April 2019 because of some advertisement problem.... after that I applied RCB in June .... on 12 July immigration sent a request to provide medical + form 80 + police check. But we didn’t got our RCB approved yet. My agent sent a reminder email to RCB office that immigration opened my file. Now my owner gonna call RCB OFFICE to ask them that why they are not approving my RCB as my case is genuine and it’s a Australian restaurant and I am working as cook at same place from last 4 years. I am really worried what gonna happen if my RCB didn’t approved . Any suggestions please .... Thanks ...... Nav !
  18. starlight7

    The (all new) Brexit Thread

    It's looking like Boris- A frightening prospect, what are you thinking?
  19. BacktoDemocracy

    The (all new) Brexit Thread

    I hope not, I cannot imagine what the country will have to endure if the nationalists get their way, the only way out would be to do a deal, any deal, with Trumps America, which is now , I think, the preferred option of many of those on the right having got Johnson in as leader they are simply wetting themselves at that thought.
  20. Gbye grey sky

    The (all new) Brexit Thread

    Philip Hammond next. An armchair economist from afar as Kungfustu calls him. Like the economists at the OBR. Brexiteers are truly the ‘flat-earthers’ of politics. Just seen he already has.
  21. Understood - I suggest, in that case , that you both get some professional migration advice to make sure she is addressing this possible move in the most efficient manner and that you understand the various options available to you.
  22. BacktoDemocracy

    The (all new) Brexit Thread

    Meanwhile in the land of reality https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2019/jul/22/alan-duncan-quits-as-minister-before-boris-johnson-arrival-at-no-10 I think, finally, the ones who really think about the country have finally come out of the closet, maybe they might even start and turf some of the American lovers out.
  23. Gbye grey sky

    The (all new) Brexit Thread

    Believe it or not I am now on your side though easy to say from here. Got my pension out of the country now thankfully. I think the UK must have a hard Brexit. Only the deep recession that this inflicts on the British people can lance this particular boil and demonstrate that the petty tribalism that people like you exhibit constantly is a busted flush. It is sad because many people must suffer for this nationalist obsession but I think it is almost better having the deep recession you and others have campaigned for than the long slow painful humiliation of perpetual dysfunction that the country has been suffering these past three years. The politicians now simply have to raise the metaphorical gun, pull the trigger and start the ball rolling. Still not absolutely sure that they will do that though. Obviously there are plenty of stupid politicians but do you have enough of them to get this idiocy through?
  24. Charlie1509

    What should be posted in Chewing the Fat?

    Hi all, I’m not sure where to go with my question but here goes. We’ve been here for 7.5 years now, on 457’s for 6.5 years and employer sponsored permanent residence (186) for a year. my partner and I are looking at separating and I was wondering if anyone knows how we stand with the visa? I’m hoping that if we separate it won’t affect her status as we also have a child together but with it being employer sponsored (my employer) I’m not sure where it’ll leave her? Any help would be great.
  25. KNaveen

    Skillselect ENS 186 Timeline

    Hi all, I have applied both nomination and visa on 30th MAY 2018, ens trt 186 as a cook.CO allocated on 28th May 2019. Requested s56, submitted all requested documents.again CO allocated on 1 July 2019, requested my wife medicals, submitted 10th July. Now its initial assessment.anyone got approved p.r this week or nomination. Anyone please suggest me how the process will be after initial assessment. Thanks.
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