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  2. Congrats enam, now onto the next stage and more waiting
  3. bunbury61

    The (all new) Brexit Thread

    We voted as the u.k , not as seperate entities It's called democracy . Those with the most votes are called the winners , and those with the least votes ,honour the result
  4. Finally..Today I received my Skill Assessment successful outcome via email (after exactly 3-weeks from the interview given)! Thank you everyone for sharing your timeline earlier it really helps me to wait patiently to receive my interview outcome and special thanks to @Lavers for guiding me in details too Altogether it took more than 5-months/169-days to complete my SA with Vetassess, now waiting to receive the posted hard copies.
  5. Karla2019


    Meetup App Review - How to Meet New People in Your Area In this video that use Savefrom downloader I want to breakdown exactly how this opportunity came about through the power of MeetUp.com. Meetup App is an awesome platform that brings like-minded peers together through the power of group meetings. It's super simple to find local meet ups that cover a range of different topics including making money online, Amazon sellers, real estate, and ALL SORTS of different groups. My Experience With MeetUp ... I started online a LONG, long time ago (about 6 years) and most of that time was spent on my own learning, grinding, and working away diligently by myself in my little old office. It took me WAY TOO LONG to realize the power of masterminds and local meet ups like the ones being offered by Meetup App. It is a great app
  6. Karla2019

    Queensland Schools Sunshine Coast

    Baringa State Primary School Baringa State Primary School is a P-6 School located in the Caloundra South, Aura Region on the beautiful Sunshine Coast. Learn to download online videos here. Established as Queensland's First STEM School of Excellence in 2018 we're proud of our students, our community, our values and our teaching excellence. Our school is committed to providing your child with the best possible education that will serve as a foundation for their lifelong learning needs. Simply a place where students and community want to be. And where we live out our motto to ... Imagine ... Discover ... Together.
  7. Karla2019

    Moving to Australia

    6 things to know before moving to Australia if download twitter videos visit https://en.savefrom.net/download-from-twitter Moving to Australia can be one of the best things that can happen to you provided you have done your research well. Great video and information. Gotta say anyone looking to go to Australia be prepared to have no idea what they are talking about half the time glad you added that in!
  8. Today
  9. tea4too

    The (all new) Brexit Thread

    The referendum was advisory, not binding, and simply one factor the Government and Parliament should have considered when balancing the benefits of the UK leaving or remaining in the EU. By deciding to trigger Article 50 with no practical understanding of what they were trying to implement, Parliament signed up to a vague one line commitment in ‘Brexit means Brexit’ and set the clock running. Three years later the UK is still making it up as they go along with politicians wrapping their bluster and indecision in rhetoric that includes emotive triggers such as ‘democracy’ and ‘red lines’ in a vain attempt to demonstrate they know what they are doing/ talking about. True democracy relies on enough politicians operating with integrity and responsibility to ensure their country and its people prosper, while also providing the electorate with timely opportunities to ditch those people and policies not up to the job. Brexit doesn’t fit that brief because the potential damage is too deep and far reaching to quickly turn it around if we don’t like the vaguely defined outcomes. That includes any shameful attempts to ditch the GFA as collateral damage. Ireland maybe in the ‘too difficult’ box for some politicians but the very fact it needs to be considered is down to the role Britain historically chose to play and impose on the island of Ireland. You sow, you reap. T x
  10. Collie

    The (all new) Brexit Thread

    http://www.rte.ie/news/2019/0822/1070165-report-warns-of-north-south-police-cooperation-disruption-after-hard-brexit/ Another consequence of this folly.
  11. Collie

    The (all new) Brexit Thread

    Quite timely this article https://www.irishtimes.com/opinion/johnson-may-be-better-off-studying-de-valera-than-churchill-1.3993068?mode=amp
  12. SAHIL123


    March - aug
  13. Yes. The parent visa application thread 143 was set up as people were getting annoyed on the main thread by other people asking for updates but not putting their own timelines on even after being requested to do so. Perhaps people should just not answer those queries or respond to posts that seem designed to stir things up - I’ve seen too many forums have problems with trolls and hope we never get one on here. And congratulations @Sadge!! Having just seen on your timeline you’ve finally got it all sorted! Enjoy your new life but pop back now and again if you learn any pearls of wisdom for the rest of us still waiting
  14. Collie

    The (all new) Brexit Thread

    We could always ask the Donald if he'd like to buy NI instead of Greenland.
  15. Collie

    The (all new) Brexit Thread

    What are you talking about? Are you just trolling now? The Irish people never accepted or had a say in being part of the UK and a lot of blood was spilt to achieve initially a free state, followed by a republic. Ireland was an occupied country not a willing part of the UK. The Northern Ireland split in the 1920's lead to a bloody civil war. I suggest you read some Irish history.
  16. Ken

    The (all new) Brexit Thread

    That's exactly why none of the proposals for a Backstop that just includes Northern Ireland - effectively putting a hard border inside the country and so splitting it in two - are ever going to be accepted. However I think you are looking at matters purely from an Irish perspective and forgetting our country was split in two back in 1922 as well. Up to now I've not heard of anyone advocating for reunification of the Kingdom (and certainly not planting IEDs for the cause) - although it would solve the border issue.
  17. MacGyver

    The (all new) Brexit Thread

    Yes one side won in England and Wales, the other side won emphatically in Scotland and Northern Ireland. By virtue of smaller populations, the will of the people is most certainly not being respected in those countries. Brexit was foisted upon Scotland and Northern Ireland by a conservative government that neither voted for nor wanted, the referendum was responded to by overwhelming majorities to remain. Yet Scotland and Northern Ireland are now being forced to leave the EU against their will by a party they didn't want because of a referendum they didn't want. That's the context for discussions around border polls and independence referendums. It's not some dastardly attempt to weaponise Brexit, it's a measured response to the Democratic vote and expression of their constituents and an attempt to represent their peacefully declared views by peaceful political action. I honestly struggle to grasp why they are vilified for doing so. My personal view is England and Wales should absolutely exit the EU as there is a clear Democratic mandate to do so. I also believe that Scotland and Northern Ireland should have secondary votes on their respective constitutional arrangements as there is a clear Democratic mandate to do so (particularly in Scotland). To deny England, Wales, Scotland or Northern Ireland these respective options is undeniably undemocratic.
  18. jbh

    Is my visa granted?

    If it says “granted” then it is all done. You can double check the status of your visa online, search VEVO to check that.
  19. Ken

    The (all new) Brexit Thread

    Isn't that true about the Brexit vote too?
  20. Green

    489 Visa Gang

    The waiting is just terrible. I wish I could think about something else! Anyone waiting on an invite from Tasmania on a 489 visa? There’s only a few more weeks left before it ends completely. Breathing 1, 2 and 3.
  21. nicknick

    187 Visa Processing Time

    Hi rajat If you don't mind can you please message me your contact number , seems like you have a great experience in Business sponsored visas. need to discuss something urgent .. thanks in advance
  22. Some seem so resistant to doing so, but then keep asking questions about other people's timelines!
  23. Rachel121

    Nurses on 189, 190

    Thanks for sharing your experience.
  24. charlie00

    Is my visa granted?

    Hi, I applied for a student visa and got an almost instant mail with a document saying the application status is "Granted". On immi.gov.au the same document is in my messages. In application home it says under Important Information: "This application has been finalised. Please refer to messages". Does this mean my student visa is ready and I'm good to fly over to Australia? The reason I'm in doubt is because I first got an email at 4:07pm acknowledging that the application was recieved, and then a grant notification email at 4:08pm.
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