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  2. If you aren't getting the marks in the PTE reading test it is probably because you are rushing the answer, a lot of them require multiple answers to the multiple choice, so say there are five options maybe 3 are correct. If you choose two correct ones and then miss the third answer you only get 1 pt for the 3 pts (because it is negatively marked). Similarly if it wants you to select two answers and you only choose one you get zero (1 point for the correct answer and 1 pt off for not choosing the second one). Take your time with the multiple choice (that relate to paragraphs of text comprehension) and be sure you have exhausted all potential correct answers. With the writing it is generally that you are writing too much and so give yourself more options to be marked down for suspect grammar, spelling or word usage. Generally most people lose marks here because it doesn't have a spell check (and who types without a spellchecker nowadays) so they don't re-read and so don't spot the easy spelling mistake; even if you really stuff up the answer (like it asks for a discussion and you just give a one-sided view) you can pass because the negative marks for not answering in the correct style come off the supporting skills (that Oz migration doesn't care about - but a university might) I found the online sample tests very helpful - but ultimately it was taking my time that I think was the most important bit (and double checking everything) Good Luck - you are nearly there on those marks
  3. Enam

    skills assessment TRA outcome time

    Hi @Lavers, Today I received TRA positive outcome on my Stage-1 Looking for Stage-2 (Technical Interview) by the end of July, and looking for partner/study tips.
  4. Tulip1

    Moments to Remember

    I remember watching the twin towers on tv too, devastating. I visited the memorial site in NY a few years ago and it was emotional
  5. Tulip1

    Moments to Remember

    Agree, two sad moments
  6. Thanks for prayers. Hoping to hear some good news from immigration soon.
  7. Tulip1

    Moments to Remember

    So happy for the boys, so sad a lovely man lost his life trying to save them
  8. Manager17

    187 Visa Processing Time

    Yes They need ur childs passport and birth certificate to access ur file As i can see ur file is not opened yet so take his passport as soon as possible Once CO will allocated and asked for further documents give them Or if u collect before them update on immi account
  9. Today
  10. tomandbryan

    Skillselect ENS 186 Timeline

    Hi guys. Family of 3 Visa submitted 24th may 2019 and nomination approved 2 days later. Medicals and police checks all done. So the wait begins I guess. Good luck to everyone who is waiting and who like us has just started there journey.
  11. February SA 2018

    187 Visa Processing Time

    Hi everyone, I would like to know if anyone had a child after applying for the visa and had to add the baby to their application. My son was born mid april, and i am adding him in my application. Our MA asked for: 1022 form - change of circunstances Aussie birth certificate Letter from GP stating his health conditions Foreign passport The passport is gonna take a bit longer than expected... Can this delay my process? Any thoughts My timeline: Rcb, nomination, visa applied: Feb 2018 Rcb approved October 2018 Importer/exporter South Australia Status: received Thanks
  12. You’re welcome! Unfortunately they’re cutting back drastically on visa grants. I think there used to be something like 1500 non contributory visas issued each year (103 & 804) but last year I think was in the region of 1350 granted Hopefully you will hear something soon!
  13. Sandgroper

    Cricket World Cup 2019

    No way bookies are never wrong!
  14. Haha, what can I say I am Yorkshire! God knows how I even passed the speaking ! To be fair that was a genuine mistake.
  15. Just to help you in the next attempt, in the sentence you used above it is "off" not "of" - maybe good for a mark
  16. Jon the Hat

    Feeling trapped by 457 visa - need advice

    Isn't then point that the BVA wouldn't kick in until the active 457 visa expires? The question then is whether it expires when you quit your job...
  17. Ausvisitor

    Leave to remove- toddler specific

    I'm not so sure it is - we don't know where they live In almost no country is heavy drinking illegal, marajuana usage is legal in some countries and posting on the internet in this way is only an issue under a very narrow set of circumstances I totally agree it is not a good situation but it isn't necessarily illegal - it could be though
  18. unzippy

    Israel Folau

    So you didn't donate either. As I thought.
  19. unzippy

    Moments to Remember

    I do remember it. I definitely recall the moment I read it about it as a sad moment, not a special moment.
  20. Hi Holly, Unfortunately Police is no longer on the occupations list. We are currently going through the visa process and my wife is a police officer. Fortunately I am an electrician so we are using me as the main applicant. It might be best you speaking with a visa agent to go through your best options. I am using Concept Australia. They seem pretty good so far. GOOD LUCK !
  21. Many thanks LInda for sending me updated information regarding the 103 visa queue dates that are currently being considered. Our date is just one month later than the cut of date, September 2010, it's so frustrating that it hasn't moved for 12 months, I really wish that I had applied for the contributory visa a few years ago, still life goes on.
  22. pravincv

    Skillselect ENS 186 Timeline

    Hello, Looking for advise for my partner's functional english assessment. She has a Proficient score in PTE (65+ in all) while the requirement is for a Functional competency. The Proficient/competent scores are valid for 3 years while functional competency is only valid for 12 months as per immi website. My partner's PTE score is 18 months old, can it be used to demonstrate functional competency? Since Proficient competency is superior to functional competency, is it safe to assume that she doesnt need to retake the exams again?
  23. James H

    Been here a while.

    At the end of the day its better to have tried it and find out you don't like it than not try it at all ! I've lived in the UK, I know Australia has its own problems and the grass isn't always greener etc. The UK in my opinion is getting worse even in my life time it feels to be getting worse. Wether I'm more exposed to the s**t now I'm older I don't know. Australia is definitely worth a shot !
  24. BacktoDemocracy

    Boris has to face up to his lies, finally.

    I have looked at page 1, I can't see anyone denying Boris justice or complaining at the Court's decision. Another attempt at dreaming up how he has been discriminated against in some fairytale way. Farage is trying to drum up a sense of grievance in Peterborough now so that he has a fairytale story about how the results were fiddled. The cry of dictators down the centuries to justify them taking control.
  25. I am on the 3rd attempt now. Any native English speaker should not struggle with the speaking part of the test. I really messed up a couple of describe images. However, I still got 90's in my speaking. My last attempt I was 2 marks of reading and 3 marks of writing to get the 20 points !
  26. Mani1987

    Visa 309 australia

    Yes I did submitted the requested information. Now how much time they took normally for grant a visa
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