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  2. Toots

    Please help! Can't decide where to live.

    Many of the small towns already have a small convenience store. Asians will be as welcome as anyone else. Some of the residents in those smaller towns can be a bit parochial - towards anybody no matter where they come from. Here is a small article about a Chinese family who own a very popular restaurant in a small town. I live in a larger town and we have convenience stores as well as large supermarkets. There are restaurants owned and run by Chinese and Indian families who are all part of the community. https://www.abc.net.au/news/2017-10-27/paddock-to-plate-with-a-chinese-twist/9087686
  3. Mikeh

    Hardest part of 190

    Hi, I am just wondering. What is the hardest part of 190 visa process? getting invitation or waiting to get PR or anything else? Thanks
  4. Toots

    Troubles return to N Ireland.

    I watched a couple of young members of the 'new IRA' being interviewed a week or so ago. I thought to myself 'here we go again'. As well as the 'new IRA' there is a group calling themselves Saoradh. Patrick Gallagher, a spokesman for Saoradh — a hardline political group formed in 2016 — said the organisation had no links to the New IRA, but "understood" the violence."Obviously Ireland is still under British occupation," he said. "Our country is partitioned, so while that remains, we understand there will be women and men out there willing to engage the enemy and fight for a reunified Ireland."
  5. https://www.willyweather.com.au/news/9873/good+friday+cold+blast+in+albany+brings+april+snow+to+wa+for+first+time+in+49+years.html Stupid cold!! Cheers, Bobj.
  6. Slean Wolfhead

    The (all new) Brexit Thread

    even murkier......wonder what Brexiters think of this if they knew the truth was withheld to keep them in the dark. Bothered, or not bothered?
  7. Today
  8. Its ok. Don't worry about previous status emails, just in future take care. As of now I think you should send update email that you've uploaded the updated PCC. Looks like your visa grant is near, IA. When your PCC was going to expire? And is it Pakistan's PCC? Good luck.
  9. MacGyver

    Troubles return to N Ireland.

  10. Burnsie

    189 invitation round

    I put EOI in late Oct 2018, invited Nov and submitted Dec. Had medicals late Jan 2019 and still sitting tight waiting, according to immitracker theres 266 applications in front of me still (it seems to be dropping 7 a day on average!) On the plus side I'm holidaying in Aus now and the weathers lush
  11. Each generation has it's challenges. When we bought the interest rates were 17% and the ratio of house price was still around 4 times the average wage. We bought as a couple because by pooling resources we could buy on the very edge of the city. This was at a time of recession, something that Australia hasn't seen for almost 30 years. House prices will drop if interest rates increase but then so will affordability. You can't have it both ways.
  12. sam2987

    We’ve been invited, what next?

    Results from the police check or medical? I paid the Express service and got my certificate for the police check within 4 days The medical - they told me after each stage if everything was fine. Apart from the blood test which takes a week to come back. So should find out next week if everything was ok.
  13. Exactly. When I visited Dubai even the bus shelters were air conditioned. Environmentally unsustainable.
  14. Congratulations on the grant! So, to my knowledge, there should not be an issue for you given the situation, unless you are not planning to move before Jan 2021. You won't start the process for the 100 two years after your application of the 309, so that gives you plenty of time. You will need to supply another fair amount of information for the 100 (not sure of police clearance from the UK would be needed). So unless you are not planning to move within the coming year, year and a half, I foresee no issues. If you want to be sure, call Home Affairs, they should be able to take away your worries.
  15. newjez

    Such a terrible tragedy!

    Conservation is no longer about saving animals It's about saving our children. Rebuilding a pedophile palace is neither here nor there in the scheme of things.
  16. On the following page it is stated it doesn't matter if the applicant has lodged 143. https://immi.homeaffairs.gov.au/visas/getting-a-visa/visa-listing/sponsored-parent-temporary-870#Eligibility But here under the document section https://immi.homeaffairs.gov.au/visas/getting-a-visa/visa-listing/sponsored-parent-temporary-870#HowTo , the applicant must show they are a genuine temporary entrant. On the page for 143, it shows it can only be granted offshore except for certain conditions, excluding 870. I wonder if this indicates something or is just not updated yet. Sadly the clarification didn't clarify much.
  17. Is it really so. I have been sending them status updates. May be that's the reason, visa got delayed. They recently asked me to upload updated pcc. So what should I do now? Just upload the pcc on immi account and don't sent them email telling that pcc has been uploaded.
  18. tonyman

    Troubles return to N Ireland.

    I'll google that........ Never watch the news now.......
  19. JamesLee7158

    Please help! Can't decide where to live.

    Hello Toots and Skani, Many thanks for your replies! Are the people in smaller towns friendly and warm towards Asians? I often have soft spots for small towns but are worried about the residents attitudes towards outsiders. Is it really hard to operate a small business like a convenience stall in these towns? I will be visiting Tasmania in June and hope to find out more. Any comments are most welcomed. Regards.
  20. Hi and thank you for your reply. What I have done so far is create 1 document for the identity things like Birth, Marriage, Passport. Because I don't have a scanner or help, I placed the document on a table and took a photo from my mobile. I then uploaded these and created a folder. I did the same for all other evidence such as invoices, bills, photos etc etc....they are in another document. Some things I did a screen shot of. So everything that is in 1 document-are they called files? Is this correct? In one document, I think there are about 60 images of described as above. I have not made a document for forms 888 or our personal statements yet as still trying to get my head around the way the documents are created. I hope so far I am correct??
  21. Do you have access to a scanner/printer? You just scan several documents one after another, so that they effectively form one large document - for instance, all your financial info. If you don't have access or still don't understand, ask your friends. Someone will have access to a scanner and will know how to scan several documents into one, its a basic office task.
  22. Lana90

    300 - Prospective Marriage visa query

    Thanks heaps for the quick reply Nikisha and for taking the time to go through all my questions! Every little bit of information we get is extremely helpful! We are going to submit it soon and just have to go through all the things we need and some of it seems rather confusing. We are planning on creating a pdf document for out timeline together and all events that happened for the last two years that we have been together. Do you think the below evidence is enough regarding our relationship: pdf of our relationship over 2 years(includes msgs pictures, joint travel documents, holiday photos, any significant events) and includes our plans for the future statement from 3 friends of ours we are going to take some pre wedding photos (as it is cheaper here then when we get to Australia) Thans!
  23. CivCdn

    New rules for partner points

    It’s actually open right now fyi https://migration.qld.gov.au/skilled-occupation-lists/

    Adult daughter in UK

    Depending on which state you live and where in the state, she could apply for a 489 family sponsored stream which would give some extra points. However, it can be an issue career wise as it can mean she has to live and work in a regional area, but the definition of this ca be very different by state. She will though need to maximise points.
  25. JetBlast


    Couldn't agree more. I work in IT and this is a situation that most of our users couldn't manage alone.
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