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  2. rammygirl

    Colour copies

    No but you don’t need them. Just scan the originals. They don’t need to be certified if colour scans.
  3. Aussiebird

    Colour copies

    Thanks rammygirl. I am questioning if previous certified coloured copies can still be used-they were certified in 2010.
  4. rammygirl

    Colour copies

    Scan the originals in colour. With big Certs simply do two scans with an overlap. You can also take a picture with a phone and use an app to convert it to a PDF which can then be uploaded.
  5. Libby Watson

    When to book removals?

    Well, it depends on the situation. Ask all the relevant questions to your removals and the quotation. Check the pricing with 3 to 5 removals, before taking the final call.
  6. Whey aye

    Recommend stopovers for quick family holiday

    Are you sure you have that the right way round In general leave Singapore midnight,land LHR 7 am . 14 hour flight minus 7 hr time difference. Coming back leave LHR evening, say 18.00,arrive Singapore 21 hrs later,15.00 the next afternoon. 14 hrs plus the 7 hour time difference. Going around the back is a killer,leave eastern states,arrive LAX around 3 - 4 hours before you left Australia.Crossing the date line as you cross Cooke Islands etc. Coming back that way,take a few birthday cakes,seems to take years before you get back to Australia For cheap hotels in Singapore try staying just over the border in Malaysia.Cross the road almost and you are in Singapore on their transport systems,and around 20 mins from the airport. Did a lot of round the world tickets in 1970s and 80s.Backpacking habits die hard. Dreading UK to hong Kong leg,last time I will ever get back to the UK.
  7. You can read and understand English can’t you? I’ve explained why I think they need to be let back into the country in all my previous posts. Are you unable to keep up, or just disingenuous? Either way it doesn’t do you any favours.
  8. You already know my thoughts on actual cockroaches. They are the same as my thoughts on extremist ideologies which I’ve already elucidated on here
  9. Today
  10. Aussiebird

    Colour copies

    I have coloured certified copies of various identity documents which were obtained back in 2010 for my o/h first partner visa but they have dates on of 2010. I sponsored him and it was granted. Does anyone know if i can still use them or would i have to get new ones all over again? I understand the documents to upload should be coloured but do not have to be certified, but mine are as i needed the copies originally back in 2010. The documents are mainly Birth and one change of name document. Also our marriage certificate is one of the long certificates in green which are too big for a scanner, can smaller ones now be obtained? Thanks in advance.
  11. Yes I think that one was something to do with Principal Rate Relief ( no tax on profit of sale of own home) ) but you will have to sell within 9 months instead of original 18 months if property unoccupied in order to escape capital gains tax. Something like that anyway. Also empty properties attract premium council tax rates after a certain period. Again the stress is on the fact that I’m no expert!
  12. Janey V

    Where to live Sudney

    Thanks for your help, we only recently changed Visa and NSW was the easiest! but like you said Sydney is so expensive and has made us a bit worried but we really want warmer weather! (originally from South Africa). I have also been looking at the West (Sydney) - any advice on Beaumount Hills, Kellyville, Rousehill? A bit of commute but looks like there is a new train coming, we don't actually know if we will be in the CBD for work as I have seen lots in Parmatta and Castle Hills. Thanks again for your help - we definitely want to make it work
  13. thegigg5

    The (all new) Brexit Thread

    Control democracy...??? Lol. Yeah, that's called dictatorship.
  14. thegigg5

    Merseyside area

    We emigrated from Crosby to the Gold Coast. What's happening in the old place? Is Blundellsands included in that assessment? Just interested, no intention of returning... although we went back on holiday last year to Liverpool and the City Centre was buzzing... thought it had really progressed.
  15. thegigg5


    Any particular reason why you are honing in on Helensvale High School? I noticed you'd made another post about it. It's pretty average on most Gold Coast school charts.
  16. thegigg5

    New Cat 4 July 1st 2011

    Ha, ha. I got notified by email of a reply to this thread all these years later. We emigrated to the Gold Coast in September 2012. Still here, living the dream. Feel quite nostalgic reading through a few of the posts. It was such an exciting time... watching the Visa movements and the spreadsheet... guessing when your name was going to get called!
  17. Elyka

    300 - Prospective Marriage visa query

    Yeah mine too .. changed from 15 month to 13 months .. hopefully we all get good news on monday. Amen
  18. So I've just paid my visa fees, and due to the exchange rate it was £150 cheaper than I thought which is a bonus.....but I've just had a message of skillselect saying that I have suspended my EOI because I've applied for the visa. Is this normal?
  19. If you rented out your home in UK and lived with your children in Australia, your place of abode would be "more likely than less likely" to be Australia. Since you would be likely to stay in Australia more than 183 days in a financial year and you couldn't establish either your place of abode is elsewhere or you have no intention to take up residency in Australia, the latter of which is downright hard to prove, I would suggest 870 holders are technically tax residents. Another point is when there's ambiguity, ATO tends to interpret in their favour so they can collect more. But this is only my opinion, you should certainly ask for professional advice.
  20. Garry-88

    187 Visa Processing Time

    Did they ask you any documents for your visa application and what is your immi account status?
  21. I think the article I was reading was about changes from April 2020 to the capital gains being taxed if/when selling a UK rental property. Apologise if I am wrong, never my intention to confuse.
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