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  2. Just generic reply. "Processing urgent visas at the moment and 90percent processing is so and so u fall in 10percent." Which is not expected atleast.
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  4. Dear All, I have applied my 186 DE nomination and visa. My nomination got approved but later I realized that we made a mistake while lodging the 186 visa. Can i withdraw the visa application and apply it again link it to the approved nomination? Any expert advice will be really appreciated
  5. Parley

    Australia v China

    Australia and the US are doing a diplomatic boycott of the China Winter Olympics. Athletes can go but no politicians or dignitaries will attend. Hopefully the UK do likewise.
  6. Dear All, I have applied my 186 DE nomination and visa. My nomination got approved but later I realized that we made a mistake while lodging the 186 visa. Can i withdraw the visa application and apply it again link it to the approved nomination? Any expert advice will be really appreciated.
  7. Madhuri

    AAT Won for 187

    sent you PM with content copied from another forum related this , I think you can give a try with immiaccount technical support form
  8. Marisawright

    143 CPV acknowledgement - Urgent

    You’re paying your agent for advice so I would ask them
  9. Thanks @wrussell I understood the complexity, the agent has already emailed the department and cc'ed me as well. All I'm asking is what else can we do? or should we just wait and cancel my parent's flights?
  10. wrussell

    143 CPV acknowledgement - Urgent

    Instruct your RMA to do it ! Here is the sort of complication that can arise, if you stick your head in: I was instructed and paid to lodge a partner visa application. The sponsor who was caring for her infirm mother had already lodged a DIY carer visa application that had been refused. I ran the carer case pro bono in the AAT and won it. The sponsor had been granted a half fee concession by the AAT, due to financial hardship and received a full refund when the case was decided in her favour, so it cost her nothing to get PR for her carer and 3 secondary applicants. I had deferred action on the partner visa, because the primary applicant was medically qualified and a partner visa grant would almost certainly resulted in a confirmation of the carer visa refusal. The sponsor took it upon herself to phone the case officer and demand an immediate decision on the partner visa application. She got one! I subsequently advised her that a review application to the AAT was her only way forward. I heard no more for a couple of years when the processing office sent me a request for a medical examinations to be undertaken. I informed the office that I held no instructions and that I had sent a copy of their email to the last address I had for the sponsor. Presumably there had been a favourable review application, managed by someone else? I have other examples of applicants instructing me and then sticking their heads in. I usually warn them, if you want to DIY, then DIY.
  11. Paul0015

    AAT Won for 187

    Thankyou Madhuri Immigration asked s56 request on 25 Nov and i supplied by 4 Dec( due date 23 dec) but I didn’t hit button says “i confirm i have submitted all the requested information “ as my migration agent said they might ask some more questions so lets see when they grant visa
  12. Madhuri

    AAT Won for 187

    Please upload all requested documents to your existing ImmiAccount using the instructions on our website www.border.gov.au/Trav/Visa/Immi To do this you will need to enter the Application ID, date of birth, passport number and country of passport for the main applicant. This is recorded on your acknowledgement letter. Please note that once your documents are uploaded to your ImmiAccount a case officer is notified. Do not email attachments as this will cause delays in the processing of your application. We do not send acknowledgement advices for the receipt of attachments. Please DO NOT: ✃ Upload the same document more than once ✃ Send an email informing us that you have uploaded the documents ✃ Send an email with the uploaded documents attached ✃ Send us original documents unless we ask you for them No further action is required by you until contacted by a case officer.
  13. Thanks @wrussell basically we can't do anything else?
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  15. wrussell

    143 CPV acknowledgement - Urgent

    From our service agreement: 24. If we are informed that you have contacted relevant authorities directly, without us advising you to do so, we cease to act in your case.
  16. calNgary

    Australian and UK Covid Responses

    Actually ,considering this is a private forum that people sign up to i think its more important to listen to what admin and mods are / have been saying. NUMEROUS requests for this thread to be about Covid responses in the UK and Aus are being ignored. Mainly by the same few members. We have removed posts, given numerous warnings and i am trying really hard not to close this thread so feel there is no other option but to put ANYONE who continues to ignore the admin requests onto ' approved posting''. This means none of your posts will be visible until a mod has approved them. Both Ali and I work so this isn't instant. Just to recap - ONLY posts discussing the covid response in the UK or Aus are permitted. Cal x
  17. Rallyman

    The Ashes 2021-22

    Duplicate post
  18. Paul0015

    AAT Won for 187

    Hi guys does case officer get notified when we supply s56 documents? or they just check after due date ? whats your thoughts?
  19. wrussell

    Secondary teacher 189 visa

    For teachers: 1. Pre-migration skills assessments are (for the most part) criterion referenced, but invitations to apply for a visa are norm referenced. The latter introduces an hymenopterous, aeronautical insect into the salve. 2. Teachers can work in Australia without a skills assessment, provided they are registered to teach in Australia and hold a visa with work rights. 3. In most cases registration to teach makes a skills assessment straightforward and relatively inexpensive. 4. Some teachers come here on a 417 or similar and dig their own graves by changing bed sheets in a motel, instead of working in their profession; not only teachers. 5. If you think that being an Australian-born citizen, having half a decade satisfactory secondary teaching experience in one of the non-existent Australian secondary colleges, post graduate qualifications and a physics major qualifies one to teach physics, think again. Your B. Ed major was mathematics curriculum studies, so... This did not matter when I was supply teaching; woodwork, Japanese, French, mothercraft... for 5+ years when waiting for a permanent appointment. At the time teachers with any major were being offered a ten week conversion course to become mathematics teachers. 6. How would you like to child-mind year 9 girls (the most objectionable creatures in the known universe) for a lesson in mothercraft, there being no preparation provided; of course: Ladies, can you help me out by letting me have your estimate of how big a baby is when it is born? The largest estimate was 20 cm. Ladies, I have bad news for you... and I bluffed my way through a further 45 minutes. Think on your feet! 7. I was lucky enough to be injured at work and medically retired. I should have stuck to writing scrofulous novels. 8. If you do not know what you are talking about, don't let that stop you. 9. As David Niven wrote (in paraphrase) You think I know F*** nothing, but I know F*** all. 10. The world runs on BS.
  20. I suspect the size of Perth suits many from smaller cities and towns as well. Cheaper housing was once an incentive along with the beaches and Perth being the sunniest city probably in the western world. These days, no idea why one would decide on Perth. It is hardly cheap. The city in my view is lackluster. No real vibe. A metro of shopping centres and expensive houses. Rather hard to engage and limited distractions.
  21. Yes. Push pull factors. When I was young in WA, it was Rockingham, down south that held the tag of Little Britain. Kids of working class immigrants often brought over to work in the Kwinana industrial/oil complex . First time I saw Skinheads and youth only a little older than me dressed in a style never saw locally before. Such outward difference in appearance and verbal style, seemed outrageous at the time and brought conflict with local youth. Today in English suburbs, from an infrequent observation of such territory, it is harder to tell. Besides the football shirts and accents not much seem to vary. Perhaps that's also a reflection of changes to British youth culture at home as well.
  22. Yes out of deprivation comes experimentation and wiliness to be different. Hence the creativity you write about. Less emphasis on conformity . More tolerance towards quirkiness and the outrageous. Punk was at home in England. Hard to imagine it ever getting a foothold in suburban Australia. But here are and were other issues. Kids marooned in souless suburbia. Drugs have always been a big issue in Australia. Remain so today and how. Little way youth can express individuality or belonging to a group. England is a tribal culture , at least for many. I recall decades ago when Time Magazine had on their front cover The Youth Tribes of Britain. Not such thing here. I do agree that there was a material comfort, waning over recent times, but often a disaffected culture as well. One where alcohol, violence not far from the surface, drugs, sexism, racism, all featured overtly. Not a sign of a society comfortable in what they were.
  23. The agent hasn't received it yet, that's why I'm panicking. They have emailed to the immigration department yesterday.
  24. rammygirl

    143 CPV acknowledgement - Urgent

    Then the agent will get the reply. What does the agent say?
  25. @rammygirl, the application was sent by our MARA agent, I'm pretty sure the agent keeps track of things as the agent has handled our other applications as well. I will try calling them on 131 881.
  26. rammygirl

    143 CPV acknowledgement - Urgent

    Have all spam boxes been checked? Usually the taking of the payment is done at lodgement, so unless the application is incomplete it should be OK. You can try calling.
  27. Blue Flu

    Australian TV - the best and the worst?

    Why so many down on the ABC I don't know. To have a form of media not reliant on commercial interests is a definite positive. Important to have a form of media that maintains a neutrality and airs minority issues regardless of viewing numbers. It has already been brought to heel by successive governments not wanting to be held accountable.
  28. My skills assessment status is LOD final stages since Dec 6, 2021. Can someone advise me how many days after they received their letter of determination after knowing that their application is in final stage? ANMAC usually have a Christmas shutdown and I hope it arrives before they close their office.
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