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  2. vics1987

    Help please! Where to start??

    @Marisawrightthank you that’s really helpful. I’m starting to see a direction to head in now. I know they are not accepting visitors yet but do you know if they are even looking at applications... as I was thinking to apply for his subclass 600 in October with a view it will take 12 months ish as it will be referred to vaccu again no doubt and last time it took 16months. we would like a visit first as he has not been yet been and although I have sold it to him I think he would like to visit first. We have a lot saved and we will be staying with family on the trip anyway so not too costly. Also another question... if I were to have 12 month rrv and in that time his visor had not been approved do I have to reapply or can I have it extended? Xx
  3. Major life dramas Simmo.... but I can appreciate your sorrow as my fave pair of black jeans ripped at the knee as I was pruning roses recently. I loved those jeans so much and almost cried. As I just can't stand the sight of ripped jeans as a fashion statement, I think they might become shorts for next summer as there is no way I can repair the spectacular rip invisibly.
  4. silencio

    RRV returning after 30 years

    You ask on a free and open forum for free advise from members here but obviously didn't the answer you wanted to hear. You seem not to believe how hard it actually is to get a RRV after such a long time. By the way, it doesn't matter how many family members you count who are already Australian citizens living in Australia - your mums and sister have no 'right of way'. You would definitively need professional advise as it's especially hard to reason why your elderly mum suddenly wants to come to Australia. The last thing the Australian Government wants are older people who might become a burden to their health system and they want migrants who contribute with certain skill sets.
  5. Disagree PQ.... fortunately we do lose some of the horrid wind up merchants along the way. Mostly though we are all happy fulfilled individuals who just need a bit of banter along the way to keep ourselves mentally healthy.
  6. Happy Heart welcome back to this never ending thread.... isn't it great ! Rossy
  7. Tulip1

    What would you do?

    I agree. I couldn’t imagine living somewhere and having the constant trouble of having to get by on limited language. Many years ago I went to night school to learn Spanish. The class was mostly people that intended to move there but not everyone. I just fancied learning something and thought I’d like to know more than just how to order a vino tinto when I was on holiday so why not. I reckon if people who moved there just learnt a little that would give them the confidence to try it out which in turn would just lead on to learning more.
  8. Well Hallo to you sir. Hoping all is well in your world. Rossy
  9. Toots

    Stop the boats!

    I watched a documentary yesterday about migrants from Cuba, Africa, and Asia desperate to get into the USA from South America. They have to cross via the Darien Gap a lawless wilderness on the border of Colombia and Panama, teeming with everything from deadly snakes to antigovernment guerrillas. It was horrendous watching them making their way through rivers, mud, jungle and fast flowing rivers. The place was littered with skeletons of people who didn't make it. Most of them run out of food and decent drinking water and have no shelter. Many of them were robbed by bandits. It really opened my eyes to what some poor souls go through just to have what they hope will be a decent life.
  10. and a bit left wing. Oh well no one's perfect.
  11. Tulip1

    What would you do?

    It must be the last remaining relative one.
  12. Rossmoyne

    Are we coming out of isolation too soon?

    Sorry Marisa, I was referring only to the entitled few, not everyone.... I didn't make that very clear.... sorry. Rossy
  13. Paul1Perth

    A short personal story

    When we emigrated my wife got a job in a family health clinic where she had to go out and help/advise people with new babies. The ladies she worked with told her to be careful when she had to go to Balga and Girrawheen. She had been a health visitor in Moss Side and inner Manchester and said Balga and Girrawheen were like working in some of the nicer places around Manchester.
  14. Today
  15. newjez

    Stop the boats!

    Paul, how many refugees get granted residency to England or Australia without actually being in England or Australia. I'd be really interested in how many that are patiently sitting in camps get admitted.
  16. newjez

    Worst day so far

    Not you didn't actually. Try reading what you quoted.
  17. Paul1Perth

    Worst day so far

    Do you think he'll lose at the next election Starlight? Think there are too many right winger, climate change, green energy, lefties in Melbourne for anyone else to get in. Maybe the greens would make a bit of a push.
  18. Paul1Perth

    Worst day so far

    The ones having to isolate and pay for it are returning Australians who haven't bothered or been able to return. They don't have any choice about being tested, they get done at the airport, police escort to the hotel and police and forces personnel there to make sure they follow the rules. Might seem draconian to you and a lot who don't want to follow quarantine rules but that's the reason Victoria is now locked down again. See France and a lot of other places in Europe are back on the black list for travel and people returning from there having to isolate. How do the UK control it? Or do they just think people will do the right thing and stay at home.
  19. Paul1Perth

    What would you do?

    Must have missed that bit. Over 50 and trying to get a visa, not much chance I reckon.
  20. She was a bit of a feisty one I recall. She may have mellowed in her senior years though.
  21. Paul1Perth

    Stop the boats!

    Why do you think that? I have plenty for people who have had to sit in camps for ages and get in because they are judged as refugees. I have zero for people who jump on boats, pay thousands and think they can jump the queue.
  22. Simmo will be so pleased you are back. Me too !!
  23. Tulip1

    Off Topic Coronavirus 2020

    Same as in the U.K. I went out with three friends a few weeks ago. The one that arrived first gave their details to the pub and that was sufficient. It is probably reasonable to assume that the person who booked a group booking would have the contact details of the others that attended, unless they arranged to meet up with a bunch of strangers which is possible but unlikely.
  24. A visit to Primark for you then easy to get the zip replaced on your favourite ones though.
  25. 3.7ltr and 3 gears. Imagine the impact on the environment.
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