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  2. ramot

    Summer is coming - are you a fan of the heat?

    Funnily enough I find the rare heat wave eg anything over 26’ in UK awful, stlfling somehow, I don’t know why but it feels very different to 26’ here.The country isn’t geared up for heat, the houses have small closed rooms, no airflow and aircon hardly exists and there aren’t many fans in use. It’s what you get used to, if it’s 16’ in UK I am probably wearing a fleece, whereas locals are stripped off to almost nothing stretched out on any grass they can find. I am I think one of the older members, but unless it’s over 35’ I can cope, obviously prefer not to go out much in the middle of the day, but the house and car have aircon. Living in Brunei might have toughened me up, climate hot or hotter, or wet or wetter with constant high humidity.
  3. 566

    187 Visa Processing Time

    Hi mate , thanks for reply , but what industry you work for ? Like I belong to fast food and applied to retail manager too but waiting since long . Will look forward forward your reply
  4. Wonderingaloud

    Child born overseas to an Australian citizen

    Make sure you read up on The Hague convention- once in Australia your child cannot be removed unless your partner gives permission. It’s worth considering if there is a possibility your application for PR is refused. It may mean you have to leave Australia and won’t be able to take your child with you. This is all just friendly advice, I of course have no knowledge of your situation and/or relationship status.
  5. simmo

    The (all new) Brexit Thread

    This is a game changer! 7euros over 3 years! Outrageous https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/amp/uk-46564884
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  7. Quoll

    Summer is coming - are you a fan of the heat?

    Hate hate hate the heat! Anything over 25 and I'm done. That's why I love the British weather - dress for the conditions and the weather never stops you doing anything. The thought of being back in Canberra and needing to get my walk in before 6am - yuk! You can't dress for the heat unfortunately. At least my DH had said that we will get aircon when we move back so that's one bonus. I tend to agree that being slimmer and fitter does help with coping with the heat but it was mainly the heat that got me very much fatter and considerably less fit than I am now. I see Canberra had been having a few ripper storms recently too, that'll be fun for the fire season (not).
  8. simmo

    The (all new) Brexit Thread

    Take your pick. https://ec.europa.eu/transport/media/media-corner/infringements-proceedings_en https://ec.europa.eu/search/?queryText=Infringement+proceedings&query_source=europa_default&filterSource=europa_default&swlang=en&more_options_language=en&more_options_f_formats=&more_options_date=
  9. Dont get hung up on the school, you'll probably find that the school you are zoned for, once you find the home you want to live in 24/7, is going to be just as good. Find a place you want to live in and go from there. I find it surprising that they'd recommend rorting the system too, they'd get their knuckles rapped for that.
  10. starlight7

    Summer is coming - are you a fan of the heat?

    I think the older you get the less tolerance for the extreme heat. I used to love it but now 29C is my limit. We went to Dubai a couple of years ago and it was around 46C and I strolled to the shops about 200 metres away. I thought I was going to die. Awful. Usually in Melbourne it only lasts a couple of days and I can cope with that.
  11. starlight7

    The (all new) Brexit Thread

    You think yours are- try ours ! British railservices = Paradise compared with ours!
  12. simmo

    Anyone know what this is all about ?

    Is that contempt of court?
  13. Bishal911

    187 Visa Processing Time

    No it won’t , even I had drink drive offence
  14. Jimbo

    High Points for 489/190 - South Australia

    That's is already a great Christmas present! Hopefully the final hurdle! We're in the same boat ....just waiting for a decision. Status on immi is "further assessment" now...good luck to you and your family mate.
  15. Marisawright

    Anyone know what this is all about ?

    Cardinal Pell convicted of sexual assault. Can’t be mentioned in the media because there’s a suppression order
  16. https://www.theage.com.au/national/victoria/why-the-media-is-unable-to-report-on-a-case-that-has-generated-huge-interest-online-20181212-p50lta.html
  17. desreb

    Australia’s Property Crash

    I’m biased towards the bearish side on the market. We visited Newport last year, and were told at prices had come off 10% at that point. At the time there wasn’t really a consensus that it was anything other than a temporary blip, but in a year sentiment has gone from that, to whether it’s a major correction or even a crash. I get the impression prices are off further than anyone likes to admit. You have all these measures to prevent people admitting actual sale prices - auctions passing through, houses selling under private treaty before auction, prices being quoted in a range, official stats having a lag due to moving average values. I read Propertychat forums a lot, and they point out that the Corelogic figures are a 12 month moving average trend, so if they say prices are 10% below peak, that means they were that perhaps six months ago, and it sounds like things have steepened downwards since then. I for one intend to sit things out for another year. That will allow time for the moving average stats to be fully digested, for investors and new buyers to have come to terms with things and start to have made their moves, for the federal election and any initial market response to a Labour win, and also mean less distance to fall from whatever prices are by then, to the long term average in relation to wages growth - if we assume that’s a fairly hard floor unless things really go pear shaped. D
  18. newjez

    The (all new) Brexit Thread

    Clever https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2018/dec/14/may-ploughs-on-but-referendum-may-soon-be-her-least-bad-option So if may got assurances from the EU that they would extend art 50 to negotiate Norway, then she could have a referendum between Norway and her deal. She is not breeching democracy by going back on the brexit vote. She is meeting both leavers and remainders needs by letting them choose the brexit she wants. She will flush out and split labour into taking a stand. She can obide by the outcome and have fulfilled the will of the people. Would this satisfy everyone on here?
  19. CEP

    309/100 - 600 Tourist Visa

    I applied for the 600 while waiting on my 300 (still waiting on the 300). The 600 was granted within 48 hours of applying. You need to make sure that if your 390 is approved before your 600, that you withdraw your 600 application immediately as if it is granted after the 309, it supersedes it.
  20. Yeah!! 2 emails received this morning (Saturday)!!!, 1 requesting form 80/ medical/ police checks, the other requesting AOS. I know it will still be a while, but what a fantastic Xmas present. Merry Christmas everyone, and I hope the good news keeps coming.........
  21. CivCdn

    Skillselect results

    October round results are up.
  22. Hi all, We’ve been in country for a few days now, and spent today on viewings. There’s nothing at all in Bilgola, it’s just a very static community, and the intake area (Aussie version of catchment area) is very small. However - we read in the NSW schools guide that the schools have discretion. They must accept pupils from the marked area but they can optionally accept pupils from the area outside. Hence we could potentially live in Newport and go to school in Bilgola, if the school accepted it. We spoke to the school, and they said that they pretty much don’t have capacity for anyone outside their mandated area. However - they said that some people do rent AirBnBs for the enrolment day, and then move out after! This to me seems quite surprising - not just that the school recommends a way to circumvent their process, but also that you could get an artefact to demonstrate residence from an AirBnB. Normally this would be a tenancy agreement or utility bill, none of which you’d get from an AirBnB. Does anyone have any info on how this works? It’s something I guess we could do, but it seems like it wouldn’t work. D
  23. Nemesis

    Skillselect ENS 186 Timeline

    They are actually closed from Fri December 21st until Wednesday January 2nd. Individual staff may be on leave for longer but the Department will only be closed over the immediate Christmas/New Year period - as is normal for Australian Government Departments.
  24. Mc14

    187 Visa Processing Time

    Guys, does anyone knows if driving unregistered car offence comes on AFP?? i mean if, someone has experienced ? your response will be appreciated !
  25. Mc14

    187 Visa Processing Time

    Thank you. Did they ask you character deceleration?
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