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  2. Thank you everyone for the replies.. Thank you for this. Wow... I had my parent on a 3 year 600 visa... Looks like the 3 or 5 years on 600 is no longer available after the launch of the 870 visa! Looks like I will be needing a 5 year 870 visa, after the 600 expires, before 143 comes through.. if the parent is alive then.. This is very depressing.. Thank you for your support..
  3. VAC2 Payment request received today. VAC2 Payment done today. 143 GRANT Letter received today. 48 Months of Long Waiting is over today. Thanks to all on this Forum for contributing very valuable information related to cpv 143 which really helped us to do it ourselves.
  4. Prema

    187 Visa Processing Time

    Hi all, Can anyone share there experience on when they received their approval of visa? Did you have to wait long for an answer after your medicals? Is it plain sailing for this stage or could anything go wrong if medicals are all good? Cheers Prema
  5. VAC2 Payment request received today. VAC2 Payment done today. 143 GRANT Letter received today. 48 Months of Long Waiting is over today. Thanks to all on this Forum for contributing very valuable information related to cpv 143 which really helped us to do it ourselves.
  6. Hi, I have applied for visa 190 QLD in September 2019 and waiting for the grant. I am going to get married to US citizen soon. He has got ETA (electronic transit visa for US citizens) to visit Australia, visiting me end of March. question: 1. If I add him in my current application, would it affect my 190 visa processing time? 2. should I add him when he is offshore or Onshore? 3. If I add hime offshore, would he be able to visit me on his ETA visa. (ETA has 1 year validity with multiple entries). 4. If i add him Onshore, when will he get bridging visa? P.S. He wants to stay in Australia for 1-2 years until I get citizenship, also need working rights. Thanks.
  7. Wonderingaloud

    Agents fees

    This is just the fees payable to the agent? So $21,000???? Because that’s insane!! Are you sure they’re not quoting you what it’ll cost for a skills assessment, visa etc? You should only use an agent who is Mara registered, they’ll have a number you can check on maras website. Each number is linked to a person not a company. Do not go near anyone who isn’t mara registered and don’t use a lawyer- different profession. Can I ask the name of the company who has quoted you this amount? There are a number of reputable agents who post on here regularly who will often do free Initial consults based on your circumstances. All Mara registered and like I say, reputable. Westly Russel and Paul Hand jump to mind but there are others too. I’m pretty certain the fees will be no where near $20,000!!
  8. Rallyman

    The UK and Climate Change

    Just been reading about Renault electric van , not getting good press, you have to lease batteries only 50 miles on a charge ( claimed 130) 24 month lease is £18500 to buy out right just under 30k and you don’t own batteries cant see it taking off some how
  9. Rallyman

    The UK and Climate Change

  10. I think it's about 4-5% and I'm not sure if that includes withdrawals.
  11. @apparition232 you could always look at the new temporary parent visa 870, which will give you up to 10yrs in Oz whilst waiting for your 143. But lots of rules and may not suit a lot of parents.
  12. Hi, Any help would be really appreciated!!.. We are a family of 5 trying desperately to move to Brisbane. After 3.5 very long years of trying to sort a 189 Visa, re-taking Physiotherapy exams to transfer to equivalency and not to mention a huge outlay, we have missed out by the massive increase of points now needed to apply for the 189. Not to be disheartened in October 2019 we had 2 months left before my husbands 45th birthday to apply for a State nominated Visa.. but sadly that took too long and we have now missed out on that too. As my husband has passed the exams necessary at the APC, we have now the final option to hopefully be sponsored by a job and move over by that route - still hanging in there! My query is: AHPRA have said he can only register in person (which is fine he was going to "Pop" over for a long weekend and just hand the form in and return to the UK!!) - however, it does say that a job offer is necessary?? Has any one in the Physiotherapy profession managed to get a job offer whilst still in the UK without having registered with the AHPRA first?.. or alternatively, managed to register with AHPRA without a job offer whilst not living in Australia? We REALLY don't want t give up on our dream for us and our three children but it seems we are coming up against barrier after barrier at the moment!! If anyone has a positive outcome from a similar situation it would be REALLY good to hear!! Thank you for any help xx!!
  13. The time quoted on Immi has been contentious since about 2016 as we applied in August 2015 being told 18-24 months and even our agent thought this would be about right, but there was a massive increase in applications and we eventually received our 143 after 52 months! So if you want to believe the site you can but I really don't think it will be 51 months as quoted. We originally made plans for 18-24 months but had to completely rethink our lifeplan as a result of the extended wait....if we'd have known differently I think we would have got through the wait with much less stress. Good luck
  14. Lavers

    Saying Hello!

    Ok brilliant, so moneycorp is just a holding account? If I transfer from moneycorp to an Aus account can I only touch that money when I arrive in Aus and activate the account properly? Which account in Aus would you recommend?
  15. It is not accurate! When I applied in Mar 16 it was 12-18mths processing. The following year it was 18-24 then 24-36 then 36-41 and so on, it just increased every year. My application is being looked at now, so yes it maybe through in 51mths if I’m lucky they have speeded up slightly as prioritising offshore visas, but once they reach parity with the onshore ones that are already done up to 2017 applicants, it will go much slower again unfortunately. AoS submitted today, estimate completion is 6 weeks and we ALL know that usually doubles!
  16. Rallyman

    The (all new) Brexit Thread

    That’s a big hole to fill money wise , which was pointed out many times over last 3 years , maybe the eu are starting to understand it’s not all one way traffic
  17. Metoo

    Three snakes in three days

    I must admit, Ted has been neglected of late. It’s about time he had a day out. Maybe next week when I’m off work. Meanwhile, Brian is out hunting
  18. patricia2019

    Agents fees

    Hi, recently contacted a migration agent to enquire about help with the 491 Visa process. Received email today with breakdown of fees payable to agent as shown below: 1. Skills Assessment: AUD4 500 including Assessing Body Fees; 2. Expression of Interest: AUD750; 3. State Nomination: AUD1 250 including State Fees, if applicable; 4. Visa Application: AUD14 500 including Government Lodgement Fees. Whilst there would be 6 of us (2 ad 4 ch) by doing our own research for quite a while now, we knew the Visa application would be the largest cost but had it at $10,000 going by the immi website plus the skills assessment fee seems extremely high also! Just wondering if this is the going rate for these things or is it the use of an agent making it quite extortionate?
  19. amibovered

    The (all new) Brexit Thread

    Yes, it's been widely noted that they are trying to cherry pick!!!!
  20. Today
  21. Bulya

    RIP Holden Commodore

    There is no Ford Mustang in a V8 Supercar. No Commodore in their race car either
  22. ssiri

    Caroline Flack found dead

    As Caroline Flack herself, said: In a world where you can be Anything. Be kind.
  23. Thank you. And I do agree that your logic makes sense (unless a significant number of applications are denied, in which case they can process the 50000 in the queue more quickly than 8 or 9 years, say in 51 months? Do you know what % of the applications are rejected?) Quoting from the immi website: "based on current planning levels, we estimate new Contributory Parent visa applications lodged that meet the criteria to be queued are likely to take approximately at least 51 months to be released for final processing." It clearly says "new contribution visa applications, on current planning levels = 51 months" If 8 or 9 years is indeed more accurate, then what immi website is saying is an outright lie! What are your thoughts?
  24. starlight7

    $9 avocados in australia🥑

    No I don’t fancy them in that way
  25. starlight7

    RIP Holden Commodore

    Sad because the Holden was the iconic Aussie car for a long time. Football, meat pies, kangaroos and Holden cars as they said
  26. bunbury61

    The (all new) Brexit Thread

    Sadly , it's just starting . The e.u needs to fill a 62 BILLION EUROS OVER 7 YEARS HOLE , LEFT BY BRITAIN . The squabbling has already started within the e.u . The french are sending out the word that they are going to play hard ball , in relation to a deal that must include fishing rights . Britain now has a team of 40 working on any future arrangements . I hope ,its a hard brexit on WTO rules , with a few agreements for the car industry etc . Clean break , and start again as friends and partners , but with no alignment . We can then assist from the outside when the e.u ship starts to sink . It's taking on water already
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