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  3. Anna Mat

    309/100 application

    Hi , I would like to you for help. I just submitted my application for 309/100visas and now I’m working on the supporting documents and I have some question however I don’t see any support email contact ? Would you know if such contact ? many thanks Anna
  4. I do have a debit card from my UK bank account but I'v'e not used ti for a long time to make cash withdrawals or pay for goods and services. Perhaps I shall do a test run and see what, if anything I get charged. I stuffed around with so many things and/or dithered/been overly sentimental about bricks and mortar. I'm not going back to live in the house in England and my parents are in the churchyard. It's the same with my flat in Sydney though perhaps there's a case for renting it out not selling it. Perhaps I need to start a new thread on the subject of: What did you do with your "baggage" in the UK, both physical and mental when you came to OZ? Are you dragging it around with you like Marley's ghost (in A Christmas Carol) or have you disencumbered yourself? I am better at replying to other people's posts than starting my own!
  5. fary


    Hi Members from Adelaide, Anyone who applied in October 2020 for citizenship and have received test invite yet? Many thanks
  6. bicek

    Is it a good move financially?

    We're not planning to live centrally. It's much more affordable where we are looking at, on the outskirts. My husband's work industry is predominantly based in Sydney and Melbourne. We both love Melbourne/Victoria, that decision was an easy one for us.
  7. So, like me coming to Surfers Paradise, it's like coming to Benidorm* for your fortnight in June/July/August/September and never having to to home?! *Or wherever your favourite part of Spain was (if it IS Spain?)
  8. The odd thing is that, comparing Sydney to Perth, in Sydney you can basically drive north, south or west, and in Perth you can drive north, south or east. I suppose there are more towns to visit in NSW and I like going to country towns and equally to different suburbs, and never get bored. I prefer not to have to drive anywhere if I can help it so in Surfers Paradise I rarely to anywhere by car and if do go with my brother I usually regret it. In Surry Hills (Sydney) I lived without a car other than hiring Go Get cars for two or three hours to go to the beach. In Perth or rather South Perth, not unlike Surry Hills in its nearness to the city, I had a hire car and I liked driving there because there was less traffic. It was the same in England and although i had a car I preferred to walk or cycle so I guess I have a "village" mentality if that is the right word. I've not driven a car since I left Sydney in July.
  9. Jon the Hat

    Five days of Quarantine

    I'm sure they are doing their best to make everyone as comfortable as they can within the space they have. Worth asking for sure, we will be! Madness lies in one room and my kids for 14 days...
  10. Congratulations. What was the process and how long did it take to get permission to fly?
  11. Great news, who did you fly with and did everything go ok? Was this the 1st flight that you booked, no bumping off from a previous date?
  12. Coopersrthe1

    Adelaide Vs Brisbane

    Hi how has your daughter settled in. my main worry is jobs. And making sure their is affordable housing for when im Able to buy thanks for your response
  13. paulhand

    Chances of a RRV after nearly 12 years!??

    Contact details in my signature ...
  14. Marisawright

    Is it a good move financially?

    Have you considered going somewhere other than Melbourne? Almost everywhere else in Australia will be substantially cheaper for housing, making it far more feasible to work part time
  15. bicek

    Is it a good move financially?

    The article is only visible to subscribers. 30% over what time period? A year? Or longer? That seems a pretty steep rise...
  16. bicek

    Is it a good move financially?

    It sure doesn't. And has never been something that drives us. We both work part time and are more focused on a modest lifestyle and better quality time spent with our family, particularly whilst they're young. My husband has worked in Melbourne before in the same industry he works in now so we are familiar with what his earning potential could be over there (we travelled there with him on a work visa in our mid twenties). He has a couple of contacts but not many, so we would be going over with no jobs lined up and hoping to sort work once we get there. Keen to not burn through the savings; that is always a worry. Thank you. We are aiming for October. Just sorting out our pet's importation paperwork at the moment. He is more complicated than us to relocate! Really hoping the flights become a bit more consistent and reliable by that point, but also not confident about that at all.
  17. Yes will do 100%, heard of a few that have had the exemption given but not very many. Helps to have a job offer as well apparently, just waiting for Aphra registration now. Maybe having the vaccine might help as well but who knows all you can do is try and hope you get one.
  18. Maybe set up a Facebook group like they did to get attention for parents which led to the temporary parent visa 870
  19. Contributory Visa Lobby Group - exactly what I had in mind when I asked the question before... this is great stuff! You have written a very nice and succinct submission, great work! I urge everyone else to do the same. Let's try to do everything we can to make it easier for us and our families!
  20. This is amazing, you've really taken lots of efforts! It's shocking to see the lack of responses from the ministers and politicians, but I can see a clear pattern there. One way would be to approach the opposition shadow ministers and MPs.. I'll look into it.
  21. Scotty2h

    Chances of a RRV after nearly 12 years!??

    Hi is it possible to have a chat about this? thanks
  22. Parley

    Anyone watching the cricket ?

    It goes in cycles. Australia will have great teams again. 20 years ago England were hopeless and Australia would win the Ashes 5 Nil. Things go around. How can you say Australia will never have a great team again. That is ridiculous.
  23. Thanks @Kathss56! Good to know what he was helpful before...
  24. Lotusmimile

    Investor Visa Subclass 188b

    Hi Redkpu, I applied July 2019. now still wait information from CO.
  25. FirstWorldProblems

    Five days of Quarantine

    thank you
  26. Lavers

    Five days of Quarantine

    You are allocated a hotel and that is it, we where lucky that we got adjoining rooms so the kids had one and we had one. We know a couple who came just before xmas with 2 kids and they only got given one room. After having a word with the management they got given a 2nd room.
  27. FirstWorldProblems

    Five days of Quarantine

    Hope it continues to go smoothly for you. Can I ask what options you have for accommodation? Are you put where you are put and that's that? My wife is desperately missing her Australian family and contemplating going through the quarantine to go visit and take the kids too. To me the idea of the 3 of them cooped up in a small room sounds horrible. I'd be willing to pay for a serviced apartment type room or two adjoining rooms etc. Any info you can share would be appreciated. Good luck for the rest of your time in lock up
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