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  2. Most people are as good as you were Quoll and self isolate when returning to Tasmania. They have groceries delivered etc. The local police do random checks too. We aren't in a terribly large town so it is probably easier for the police to regularly check up on returnees.
  3. Hi, can i please ask what was the reason for your visa refusal and What was the decision on your nomination, which state? Thanks
  4. Ozzy_man10

    Skillselect ENS 186 Timeline

    Signed and donated $10. What's 10 bucks when I've spent 1000's trying to get my PR
  5. @RosieH11 is your partner an Australian citizen? If so, then that's a substantial tie and you shouldn't have any problem getting an RRV valid for one year. You just need to make it clearly that you wish to accompany him back to Australia. We applied about this time last year for my wife's RRV. It took me about 20 minutes online and it was granted 4 days later. I'm not saying that it's a formality, especially given the current situation, but you stand a good chance. The cost is about $400. If you're partner isn't a citizen and you can't prove any other substaintial ties, well that could be tricky. If it were me, I'd just try and get to Australia before my visa expires, even if it meant leaving my partner in the UK to sort out everything there. At the moment I'd be looking at flights with Qatar (who've been the most reliable througout all of this) and maybe throwing the extra money at business class so you don't get bumped off. Having just spent 5 years in the UK and the last 6 months here in Australia, I know where I'd rather be. In my humble opinion the UK is going down the pan fast and the quality of life there is poor unless you're either stinking rich, or claiming every benefit under the sun. At 53 I ummed and erred about returning but I feel I've made the right decision. At 40, and with Australian PR in my hand, I'd say that your decision to return here should be a no-brainer.
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  7. RoundInCircles


    Thanks for your message Bunbury61 Yes, we're hearing so many varying stories, aren't we?...some good, some not so good. As another Poster mentioned, it's the same the world over. I'll still be heading over to the UK when the world is finally "back to normal"...hopefully, I'll be fortunate enough to gain employment...I'm at the "older end" of the scale (57) and have even found it difficult to find suitable work here in Australia. I have a very supportive family in the UK and they'll do anything they can to help me; they just want me to get there as soon as possible
  8. what more do you need to know other than stay in your home for 14 days ? That is what self isolation is.
  9. HarryG

    Skillselect ENS 186 Timeline

    Still didn't get any file refused or canceled and when I applied for 186 had 457 valid. Applied 186 22 September 2919. 457 expired 10 November 2019 after this bridging visa A start.
  10. HarryG

    Skillselect ENS 186 Timeline

    Still didn't get any file refused or canceled and when I applied for 186 had 457 valid. Applied 186 22 September 2919. 457 expired 10 November 2019 after this bridging visa A start.
  11. HarryG

    Skillselect ENS 186 Timeline

    Still didn't get any file refused or canceled and when I applied for 186 had 457 valid. Applied 186 22 September 2919. 457 expired 10 November 2019 after this bridging visa A start.
  12. hiral

    Skillselect ENS 186 Timeline

    sure i will sign this petition, and i ask everyone to sign
  13. Dcdasilva1

    Skillselect ENS 186 Timeline

  14. Dcdasilva1

    Skillselect ENS 186 Timeline

    This situation scares the shit out of me . Im a carpenter too and I’m 6 months waiting . I hope we get some news this week
  15. Yang Sun

    Skillselect ENS 186 Timeline

    It's so unfair for those people who are still working on their position though
  16. Hayley Gee

    Impossible decision

    I really feel your pain. My partner and I moved to QLD five years ago for a two year adventure with a 4 and 6 year old. I was always very clear this was a short term thing and I had no intention of staying in Aus. After three years I told my partner I wanted to returned to the UK and he refused and has made me feel like I am a terrible, selfish person for wanting to leave. He has agreed to leave a number of times but was horrible to me and then changed his mind each time. He hates me because I want to go home and it will ruin his plan. His work is tough in the UK and I understand that. I finally got him to agree to leave in April this year and then Covid happened and I felt we should delay a few weeks. As we are PRs we can't leave now and he is using the COVID situation to add weight to his arguement - which of course it does. I feel totally miserable and trapped and really worried about returning and my (now 7 and 11 year old) kids hating me for dragging them back. They always liked the UK and know it well but my partner keeps telling them how bad it is there, so they are scared. My parents are in bad health and living alone and my son is due to start secondary school in September and I risk losing a good school place for him. I feel my only option is to try and get home as soon as possible, despite my citizenship application (Oct 2019) being put in jeopardy if I do and despite the UK Covid situation. I know loads of people are in a situation. Just wanted to share my story.
  17. The Australian system is set up so that all the states have to fight each other to get a share of Federal funding. So it's not a case of "not getting along", it's more a case of that's how it works. What's been noticeable about the current situation is that they've all got together to form a "National Cabinet" and largely, they've all stuck together and supported each other surprisingly well. The only disagreements, really, have been them against Scott Morrison, who has been pushing to ease the measures and open the borders earlier than the Premiers want to. Whlie there's been a lot of nasty sniping at Dan and Victoria from individuals, you don't see the other Premiers having a go. None of the other states has complained about Melbourne shutting down the airport and in fact some have explicitly supported it (though personally, I can't quite see why they're doing it). I think Scotty is under pressure from his party because of costs. His party is all about having a government surplus and they're haemorrhaging money on this pandemic, so they're looking for ways to rein in expenditure. He knows the average Aussie will think the taxpayer shouldn't pay for travelers - let them stay at home if they don't want to pay. Likewise, there are already Australians calling for a halt to migration because there are so many Australians out of work. We know those are ill-informed opinions, but he isn't called "Scotty from Marketing" for nothing. If he thinks those slogans will win approval, he's going to use them.
  18. hiral

    Skillselect ENS 186 Timeline

    than looks like gonna be hard time for all Hospitality workers and specially those who's inches away from their PR.
  19. I agree - we self isolated and I was surprised that there were no random checks. I'd have had the ADF doing those right from day 1. There was no guidance on masking or onward travel just "well there ya go, stay at home" and that was it.
  20. WinterBench

    190 points, QLD

    Hi everyone, I am currently on 70 points for my 190 in QLD. Will be able to get that to 80 once I get ny english to a superior level. Would that give me a higher chance of getting a 190? I know 189 is definitely off-limits. I live in Brisbane so I am not applicable for 491 unfortunately.
  21. Yes, Canberra is pretty insular at the best of times which will certainly impact on the sense of community and I dont think the other big cities are that much different. None of my UK friends have yet ventured out to the hairdressers but they were happily discussing their mask wearing when one of them was planning to venture to the dentist last week! One was even planning to take her grandkids to the Botanic Gardens but she was one of the younger ones. A few have barely left their homes though as many of my friends are not the wellest of people unfortunately. Knitting groups have started up again here but I havent been able to get there due to grandparental duties and that does irk a bit! Oh well, I can knit at home huh!
  22. @Yvonne04, I'm afraid it's not as simple as filling in an application form. It's a highly competitive process and while thousands apply, only a small proportion succeed (and you don't get your money back if you fail). Your best approach is to book a consultation with a migration agent (it can be on the phone). All the good agents offer free initial consultation. They will give you an honest opinion of what your chances are. Try Suncoast Migration or Go Matilda.
  23. I don't know too much about Aussie politics these days but it seems that they really don't get along and perhaps this cap on flights is more a political move than anything else. Either way these are real peoples lives being affected, knee jerk reaction is a good term for it, it's certainly hard to make any real plans when the rules can change overnight on a dime and have very real consequences
  24. Marisawright

    Mental health Branch - newly qualifed nurse

    To get a skilled visa, you need qualifications AND experience. So you have two choices - stay in the UK until you've gained enough experience, or grab the WHV while you have the chance (though that will depend when the borders open - will late next year be too late for you?). If you can get the necessary registrations before you go, having a year's Australian experience could be very useful when you get to the point of applying for permanent jobs in Australia in the future. I suggest booking a consultation with a migration agent to discover what qualifications and experience you'll need for the permanent visa, then you'll know where you stand.
  25. Marisawright

    Skillselect ENS 186 Timeline

    I am only guessing, but I think they would revisit those applications because of the new circumstances. Lots of unemployed cooks here now
  26. Marisawright

    Partner visa, employment history

    If you weren't supposed to be working, then you can't include that job in your employment history. If you were illegal, you were probably being paid under the counter anyway so there will be no record.
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