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    DD been playing with her new camera set up….
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  4. You do not need to be employed when you apply for a 462, they might ask you to show you have enough funds to support yourself though. And yes, anything you earn in Australia would be taxed at the relevant rate - you may be able to ckaim some of it back when you do a tax rerun at the end of the financia;=l year (June 30th)
  5. Thanks for the information, I am also looking to relocate to Australia and this seems like a good start. Australia immigration currently classifies this work and holiday program under visa subclass 462. Based on the latest information, it seems that there is no need to provide proof of employment at the point of application. Does this mean that once the visa is granted, it is not necessary for me to be employed? And if I am employed, do I have to upload these documents to my Immi account? As a section indicates that I have to pay Australian taxes although I am on working holiday.
  6. If you are planning to study, work or live abroad, IELTS can help you get there! We provide requisite assistance to those who, for one reason or another cannot take the TOEFL, PTE, test or obtain the desired score demanded by institutions, employers, or embassies. Contact via Telegrram: ............ Registraboard
  7. If you are planning to study, work or live abroad, IELTS can help you get there! We provide requisite assistance to those who, for one reason or another cannot take the TOEFL, PTE, test or obtain the desired score demanded by institutions, employers, or embassies. Contact via Telegrram: ............ Registraboard
  8. If you are planning to study, work or live abroad, IELTS can help you get there! We provide requisite assistance to those who, for one reason or another cannot take the TOEFL, PTE, test or obtain the desired score demanded by institutions, employers, or embassies. Contact via Telegrram: ............ Registraboard
  9. Blue Flu

    Australian and UK Covid Responses

    I as well. But agree doesn't do to compare .
  10. OK, so I have figured one thing out - I missed a word when I reading the form, so I can fill out the form no problems regarding income, but are you able to advise how I upload the documents? Their help section says 'Answer all the questions. Each screen has information to help you complete the application. This includes how to submit your supporting documents.' However, I can't see this - on each screen when you click on help, it just gives you generic information on how to fill out the form. When I click on upload documents via the centrelink homepage, there doesn't seem to be an option for AOS documents on the drop down box. Or do they ask for specific documents once you submit the application? Many Thanks in advance for assistance, (which gratefully received!).
  11. ramot

    Australian and UK Covid Responses

    Several of our friends have had covid, age late 80’s to 92, all jabbed and almost all had only mild symptoms luckily. Most are tough bushy’s though. It does seem random how it can affect you. A family of three, husband was very sick for about 10 days, wife felt almost fine with slight cold symptoms, friends staying felt only a bit more poorly. Another couple, husband hardly knew he’d had it, wife sick for 2 weeks, on balance majority luckily not very sick at all so far. I’ve flown to Sydney for a few days, fingers crossed I’ll be ok, more people around and perhaps different variation of virus.
  12. Many Thanks for your reply! I have started the application already online, but I cannot see how to upload the documents? Is that done via the documents and appointment section on the homepage? When I fill out the income section, it's asking for our income for 21/22 however, we don't actually know what this is in total as we are waiting for investment statements which will only be ready at the end of August so we haven't done our 21/22 tax returns yet. On the services australia website, it says we can submit the 20/21 notice of assessment along with two payslips but the application won't let us progress if we leave that answer blank. Hence why thought it may be easier if we got someone at centrelink to do it for us.
  13. Toots

    Australian and UK Covid Responses

    I think it depends on the individual. It's a strange virus indeed. OH and I have had the four jabs. Covid was rampant in this area a couple of months ago but the people we know who had it only had the symptoms of a cold and not a bad cold at that. They had all been jabbed. OH and I have not had Covid (yet) or the flu or a cold so our immune systems seem OK. Our 84 year old neighbour, recently widowed and recovering from breast cancer did have Covid but very mildly and is now as lively as ever. She really is a tough old chook and has a wonderful sense of humour and is just starting to enjoy life again. You would never believe she is 84.
  14. I referred to Scotland as a state in my initial post on the matter on Thursday. If I termed it country in later posts, it was in accord with the the label being used by others. Surely you can see that England is the dominant feature of The United Kingdom? Making mischief ? How exactly? You may not want to read nor agree but I have put my arguement most clearly in what nationhood is. As for drugs, well let me put it this way, the slightest research will disclose Perth is the Ice capital of Australia. Now Australia is tops in the world at the consumption of this. May I suggest all this Ice comes from somewhere? I'm not saying it is from only my street, although a number are hard at it as I speak, it is everywhere in Perth and many WA towns. We have a problem as a city, state and nation. But then it is I that have to live among it not you, so please allow me to display the utter contempt, for all those involved in this evil trade.
  15. Not sure about applying in person but Online is lot easier. Just login to Centrelink's website (You can login to MyGov and then go to Centrelink) then go to Payments & Claims > Assurance Of Support > Start New Application. Once submitted, you should go to nearest Centrelink's office for Identity Verification and then just have to wait for the phone call from them.
  16. I screen recorded the entire process - just incase. Thanks very much - I will give you a call. Thanks for the reply. Much appreciated.
  17. Needhelp

    187 Visa Processing Time

    Congratulations what did they asked in both s56? thanks
  18. Marisawright

    I know no one will care but...........

    Blue Flu, I'm very disappointed in you. YOU are the one who used the word country, in the statement "[England]has the status, obviously somewhat elevated. due to far larger population and power base of London, of the principle country (many would argue) within the union " See? You called England "the principle (sic) country." It cannot be the principal of something unless there is more than one of those things. Ergo, there must be other countries in the union. This proves to me that you are simply making mischief. Which now makes me question the validity of all your constant drug-related posts, which I had previously taken seriously.
  19. Lavers

    Australian and UK Covid Responses

    Only just seen this for some reason. Could well be the case, weren't Dr's/Scientists around the world saying that too many jabs could weaken the immune response?
  20. A matter of interpretation. By all means call it a country if you prefer, I prefer the word state, but that's just me . Where I question is nation status. A nation is to my mind, in charge of own affairs, not controlled by some distant Parliament, in another land.
  21. Or debate logically why a state' that is ruled from Westminster in terms of military defense , foreign affairs, and so on can in all fairness term themselves a nation, on the same level as France, Germany and the rest? (to which you attempted to compare with) Note I don't term you a troll for coming up with such comparisons, just a little confused.
  22. While Scotland is part of The United Kingdom. Counties and states do not a nation make.
  23. Exactly how am I insulting people by stating a simple fact? I do wish you could refrain from such outrageous claims on a forum, that should, at the end of the day, be able to discuss without accusations towards those whom you don't agree with. You may recall many termed Russia while meaning the Soviet Union as the sole nation excluding the other states that made up the USSR. Just to further bring it home, many Americans term England, when meaning the United Kingdom.
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  25. beketamun

    The Official Weather Thread

    Absolutely ! You must have seen the adverts over here each year advertising holiday cruises on the Rhine or Danube...I bet a load of Aussies are over there now looking at 12 inches of water. You cannot rely on rivers, they're seasonal and depend on rainfall or melting. There was a 7 yr drought over here in the SE until about 2012, people couldn't wash their cars and water was very scarce and rules were very strict....ornamental gardens basically died forever and the whole culture changed to water preservation, native planting etc. They used to have a 2 week "Spring Relief" to let people wash their cars and clean off the dust....otherwise people would park their cars outside when a shower was forecast and run out with a cloth to clean the windows with rainwater. Triickle irrigation is everywhere in gardens and water preservation is very advanced now, all new houses need big water tanks and pumps are used for outdoor use rather than tapwater. They built a much bigger dam wall and expanded the reservoir which is now full and gives water security for 9 years from 100%, including for target population growth. UK needs to do the same if they cannot guarantee water supply.....or, they just carry on ignoring it and expect to moan when it runs out every few years. http://www.bom.gov.au/water/dashboards/#/water-storages/summary/state
  26. It’s a bit hard to answer without seeing how you answered the various questions on the application. Drop me a line via my website and I’ll see if I can help.
  27. All the tips above - decluttering and researching helped me feel in control. I made an Australia folder with areas to live in, quotes etc. but as someone who has been waiting over 2 years now for a 491 - don’t let the wait consume you. Get on with your life and distract yourself but do allow some time to plan ahead - I drove myself a bit insane and learnt the hard way. Doubt you’ll have a long of a wait as some of us, but just incase!
  28. Cup Final 1973

    The Official Weather Thread

    The problem is that this year has seen very little rain both in the UK and across Europe. In Germany the Rhine is at such a low level that barges can no longer travel on it. Some reservoirs in southern Spain are at just 12% capacity. We all need to value our water more.
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