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  2. Amber Snowball

    UK GCSE to Australian Education and back again

    Not sure on the BTEC. I looked directly at uni sites for their rules around fees so not sure on where the government rules are, presumably on their website somewhere. Maybe have a look at the website of the place where a course you want is and see what that says. They all have a potential student contact that you can speak to. You could call and pose the hypothetical question and see what they say. That’s what I did. Good luck.
  3. Thanks. Yes, was.looking at holiday photos last night, I think we've still got our previous passports somewhere 'safe'!. But like Freedie50 said, most of ours have been to Spain (& Australia) so not much record of that only photos. Will plough on but best to get it right at this stage & will be worth it. Thanks
  4. NickyNook

    Subclass 887 Visa - processing times

    Of course there are permanent visas - lots of them. Some skills based visas, some family stream visas and some business/investment visas all come with immediate permanent residency. They are the most-desirable visa types and loads of people have them. https://immi.homeaffairs.gov.au/visas/permanent-resident/visa-options
  5. Tipu Khan

    187 Visa Processing Time

  6. Hi Everyone, I searched enough and could not find one forum discussing the occupation of 'Retail Buyer'. I have applied for 489 SA visa and waiting for grant. I have 85 points so hoping so get visa very soon. I will be moving to Adelaide and wondering if there are good job opportunities (private or government) in this occupation. Please advise in case someone is working there or has applied visa in this occupation. I have an experience of 15 years in garment/apparel retail.
  7. Imp Note : A couple provided immi SS of their WhatsApp chat (in which they weren't behaving good with each other) during interview CO raised concerns about their relationship just because of that WhatsApp chat and their is possibility that they may reject their case . So pls make sure that you provide immi those screenshots in which both of you are talking about something good .
  8. kirsty160990

    Citizenship Timeline for years 2015-2016

    Thanks. So down 3 months from the 20-25 months for conferral lodgement to ceremony from the last published processing times on 31/01/2019. Now at 20-22 months
  9. Paul1Perth

    Concentration camps

    If you look back through history far enough anyone can dig up times when any nation has been brutal. The mistake to make is comparing whatever time in history you look at and applying today's standards. The people in charge at the time had decisions to make and a war to win. If they get judged years later to be harsh then tough. Beats me what people dig up to be outraged about.
  10. Phil McKibben

    Electrician 489 Visa

    Thanks for that. Preferably I'd rather live out of the city. The only reason I was thinking about living near it was security of having work but if I can find it locally where I've been looking for example in Caloundra, Sunshine coast then that would be great. I was basing my thinking on the job search results of indeed which obviously has much more results for the city as with any city.
  11. Rach Brisbane

    Citizenship Timeline for years 2015-2016

    Tell me about it! I've been living in Australia 8 years today and I cannot believe its taken this long. One of my friends has been here for over 8 years and due to her partner being made redundant on multiple occasions (mining jobs) still hasn't even got PR. Visa applications are a right pain but living here is worth it! Fingers crossed you get your test date soon.
  12. HappyC

    Skillselect ENS 186 Timeline

    Hey guys, just wanted to share my info, hoping it will make someone else life lighter. I've lurked on this site but never posted but i wanted to thank each and everyone of you for keeping this site alive and up to date. I had my share of pain, a refusal and a decently long wait for the succesful one. "It was the best of times, it was the worst of times..." Don't give up, stay strong, live long and prosper. Occupation: IT stuff Country: Low risk Single Person Employer Nomination (subclass 186): nomination and visa application early March 2018. Nomination approved on 3rd of January 2019 Request for additional "Pending charges doc" on same day Approved on 18th of Feb 2019
  13. Actually she was asking about my evidence of return or specific date when i will departs from Australia, when i provided them my return ticket she emailed my agent that "we will make a note about applicant departure date"
  14. ramot

    Subclass 887 Visa - processing times

    Some visas you can apply for if eligible grant PR as soon as granted, therefore you apply for a permanent visa, as against applying for a temporary visa and still have to fulfill more conditions before hopefully making it a permanent.visa, usually a few years later.
  15. Luka

    Skillselect ENS 186 Timeline

    Congratulations!!! Did they ask u to send any extra documents? If yes which ones?
  16. SAJ.N

    Skillselect ENS 186 Timeline

    Hi Mustung, Have you provided either IELTS or PTE before for your spouse and they asked to provide a new one? Or you didn't at all?
  17. Hydra

    Skillselect ENS 186 Timeline

    Hi - Not sure I understand the concept very well. Would you say this is good thing for DE as well? I was within the time-frame of 11-16 previously but now I'm off by a couple of weeks (for the 75% application range) I guess..
  18. ramot

    Subclass 887 Visa - processing times

    The reality of applying for a visa to emigrate to Australia is that irrespective of whether you apply on shore or offshore, you have to wait until your application gets to the top of the pile, gets assessed and hopefully approved. No point winging it’s equally frustrating for everyone. Sadly no one is special, just an unknown name on a piece of paper in a queue.
  19. Rallyman

    How is Trump doing so far?

    I am fully aware of what is there , so you can cut your patronising reply out it’s not needed , I asked a simple question what would you do I haven’t bought into anything as you put it I see a problem that needs to be sorted which successive presidents haven’t done much about , both sides of American politics wanted and voted to build a wall / fence along some major sections before trump came to power , just in case you didn’t know this . The cost is BS just an excuse it cost the USA 3 billion a month to be in Iraq and Afghanistan .
  20. Cazwilkins

    Subclass 887 Visa - processing times

    What visa's are permanent if you don't mind me asking? I wasn't aware there are permanent visa's? All require certain requirements before you can apply for residency. I am on a 489 visa. Skilled regional occupational visa based on the fact I have a skill that is on the skills shortage list. I have to live and work in a regional area for 2 years and work for 12 months. I have worked for the full two years and lived in the regional area for 2 years. Hence why the frustration at the wait for residency because we have made a new life here and we are embracing every minute of it. Facing the chance of not being granted residency because of the changes going on, actually makes me feel sick. This is all I have ever wanted since age 8 (now age 30). The thought of going back to England makes me very sad, put it that way!
  21. ence

    Citizenship Timeline for years 2015-2016

    Conferral - lodgement to decision 17 months to 21 months + Conferral - approval to ceremony would take 5 months to 7 months
  22. AndyBR

    Skillselect ENS 186 Timeline

    Hey guys, I'm into a very tricky situation. I applied my visa on 14/02/2018 as Web Developer, when I lodged the visa my ICT skills assessment from ACS was showing 2 years 5 months of experience (it doesn't match with the Department requirements that is 3 years of experience, my agent neither me noticed this). I have more than 11 years of experience in total, but looks like the Department only consider the experience after my Bachelor Degree(without counting the experience after the lodge). I can see few options here: - Try to submit a new assessment once again to ACS with the same Bachelor Degree (applying today I will get more than 3 years of experience, but I'm not sure if the Department will accept it) - Try to submit a new assessment once again to ACS using my Technologist certificate from 2009 (not sure if they will accept it) - Withdraw the application with the same documents starting from month zero once again The main thing here is that I lodged the visa with less than 3 years of experience. Do you guys see any other option? What do you guys reckon should be the best option?
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