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    Donvale - Melbourne Suburb Guide


    The suburb of Donvale in Melbourne is located approximately 19 kilometres East of Melbourne’s central district. The City of Manningham is Donvale’s local municipality.



    According to the local residents, Donvale is a very beautiful and serene suburb surrounded by rich greenery. Donvale is regarded as a homely area. This suburb is mostly occupied by families, kids, retirees, country lovers, hipsters, and singles- therefore, it is considered to be a safe and sound suburb. 


    As it is very peaceful and quiet area, it’s not known for an active night life. So if you are looking to enjoy any night life in this suburb, it’s probably not the best area for consideration. There are many shops, cafes, parks, schools, walking and cycling trails that are available.



    Donvale is direct to the city on Eastlink and is considered to be ‘gem of the East’. The positive outlook of this suburb creates demand for more people to reside here.



    Let’s have a look at some demographics in Donvale area.

    According to 2011 census, Donvale has a population of about 11,795 people. The average age of persons recorded in 2011 were 42 years of age. Majority of the people in Donvale were born in Australia with English ancestors. In 2011, individual income was recorded at $630 a week and median family income $1927 a week. In 2010, the median house price recorded at $620,000 and median unit price at $433,000.

    Surrounding Suburbs

    The suburbs surrounding Donvale are Rangeview, Nunawading, Doncaster Heights, Mitcham North, The PinesBlackburn NorthRingwood, Doncaster East, Park Orchards, Ringwood North, Warrandyte, and Mitcham.


    Real Estate

    So following from year 2018, if you are looking to buy a property, the median of buying a house/unit in Donvale ranges as follows:

    ➢ 3 Bedroom house $952,000
    ➢ 4 Bedroom House $1.303 million
    ➢ 5 Bedroom House $1.82 million
    ➢ Unit $599,000




    People in this suburb usually have their own cars and find parking space easily as it is less crowded.


    Using the bus is the common mode of public transportation used in Donvale and can be accessed via Springvale Rd. Bus stop terminal is Donvale Terminus/Mitcham Road. Here is a look at a general timetable:



    There are few number of schools and colleges in Donvale which are listed as below:



    • Donvale Primary School 
    • Donvale Christian College 
    • Whitefriars College 
    • Heather wood school 
    • Our lady of the Pines Primary School 
    • Carey Grammar Donvale
    • Donvale Preschool Association
    • Donvale Early Learning Centre 



    Donvale alone, has about 3 parks/reserves which includes:

    • Donvale Reserve
    • Mullum Mullum Park
    • Mullum Mullum Reserve 

    There are many other parks located in surrounding suburbs which is not very distant from Donvale area.


    Shopping centres

    Donvale has a very nice line of local shops and supermarkets. Just 10 min away from Donvale is Doncaster. Doncaster has a few great shopping malls. Here is a list of shopping centres you can find near Donvale and surrounding areas:

    • Tunstall Square Shopping Square- Doncaster (approx. 3 min away from Donvale)
    • Westfield Shopping Mall- Doncaster (approx. 10 min away from Donvale)
    • Stockland the Pines Mall- Doncaster (approx. 11 min away from Donvale)
    • Forest Hill Chase Shopping Centre-Forest Hill (approx. 10 min away from Donvale)
    • Coles Supermarket is located inside the Tunstall Square Shopping Square
    • Woolworths Supermarket is located on Doncaster Rd





    When it comes to your health, Donvale has you covered. There are local clinics available at the shortest distances. North Mitcham Clinic, Donvale Medical Centre and Tunstall Family Medical Centre are centres which you can find local GPs and nurses. There is also Donvale Rehabilitation Hospital which provides inpatient, day patient and outpatient rehabilitation services.



    Residents thoughts:

    ‘It is very green, plenty of parks and open spaces for families and kids. On a summer's day, its absolutely wonderful, with lots of people out for walks and enjoying the weather. 
    One of the other big pluses is the multicultural diversity, with plenty of different races living in the area and most importantly living in harmony. 

    Tunstall Square is a short walk away, with Donvale Primary School and a kindergarten located nearby. The suburb has everything you would want other than pubs etc. But that is a good thing in my opinion, less drunkards wandering around at night :)” Ann W

    “Donvale is part 'leafy suburban' part 'bush retreat' depending on which section you looking at. Bordering Doncaster East, Mitcham, Warrandyte and Ringwood you get the picture. Public transport is accessed via Springvale Rd - one of Melbourne's most valuable arterials - the ambling Park Rd - a central road for this suburb - and Glenvale Rd - the road that leads directly to Ringwood. The blocks vary from your typical suburban blocks to large acres bordered by untouched bushland. Best of all is the proximity to shopping and services at Tunstall Square and Eastland as well as the existence of a quality school, Whitefriars Catholic College, right in the middle! So, you see, it is possible to have a leafy landscape AND all the modern services just minutes from all that you need. 
    The landscape is beautiful and the position perfect” Philip W


    “Has lots of amenities: lots of shops, lots of restaurants & bistros, plenty of schools, parks, pleasant views, lots bus stops, walking and cycling trails, close to the Eastern Freeway, good Feng Shui, Westfield Shopping Centre. 

    Family friendly location: Daycare, childcare, aged care, primary & high schools”

    H Sweet



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