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    Adelaide Suburb Maps

    Hi guys.

    My wife and I are hoping to be granted a 489 in the coming months and will be moving to Adelaide. In order to help figure out where we want to live, I've been making some maps of the Adelaide inner suburbs based on things like their Homely rating, distance to shopping malls, cinemas, supermarkets, etc, so I'd like to share them here in case anyone else can find a benefit. They are designed as 'heat maps', so they don't go into detail about each location but are designed to give a good overview, so you can tell the distance to certain amenities from the suburbs you are considering.

    The maps are high resolution so you can zoom in and see street names and things and I've done quite a large number of suburbs, although I obviously had to stop somewhere, so apologies if the place you're looking at isn't covered. 

    In this thread, I'm posting the 4 I've made so far but will add any more if I make them.

    1 - Homely Ratings - Taken from Homely.com.au based on their suburb ratings out of 10

    2 - Supermarkets - I've gone for Coles and Woolworths, as they're usually the biggest. I haven't included Foodland, IGA and other brands as sometimes they're a lot smaller and I wasn't able to fully research their sizes.

    3 - Shopping malls/streets - Any decently sized shopping centre and a selection of streets that have a load of shops too.

    4 - Cinemas/Theatres - I think I have them all covered that appeared in a few google map searches but some smaller or independent ones might have been missed

    Click on each image below to load of the high-res version - If you have any suggestions or comments at all, I'd love to hear them

    Adelaide Suburb Map - Homely Rating - April 2019 Smaller.jpg

    Adelaide Suburb Map - Cinemas & Theatres - April 2019 Smaller.jpg

    Adelaide Suburb Map - Malls & Shopping Streets - April 2019 Smaller.jpg

    Adelaide Suburb Map - Coles & Woolworths - April 2019 Smaller.jpg

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    This is a fantastic tool to use!

    i am currently trying to figure it all out with a many notes and lists.

    Have you now settled in Adelaide? 

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