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    Transferring to a South Australia Licence: What You Need to Know

    car1.pngDriving in Adelaide: Transferring Your Overseas Licence

    So, you’re migrating to Adelaide and you are unsure of how your overseas licence will work once you arrive.

    Well, this article should provide you with all of the knowledge that you need before making your move!

    If you are planning on becoming a permanent resident in South Australia, it is vital that you get your South Australian driving licence within ninety days of arriving, and once you have been issued with this, your existing licence will become invalid and you may be required to surrender it.

    What are the rules and regulations?

    There are a couple of different rules depending on varying factors such as; your visa type, age, licence type, etc.

    If you are between the age of 17 and 19, or you are over 20, on a permanent visa, have an overseas full licence from one of the eligible countries, then your existing licence can be transferred to a full South Australian driving licence.

    Your only obligation is that need to do this within ninety days.

    In order to actually transfer your licence, you should first download a MR205 application form, complete this form, and take it along to any Service SA customer service centre.

    In order to complete your application, you will also need proof of your identity, signature, age, and address, your current drivers licence, and a medical certificate if required.

    Temporary Visa Holders:

    If you are over the age of 17, hold an open overseas licence, and you are visiting Australia on a temporary visa, then you can drive in Adelaide with your overseas licence.

    If you are 16 and you are a visitor on a temporary visa in South Australia, you can also drive with your overseas licence, as long as it is still valid.

    You must only drive a vehicle that complies with the conditions of your overseas licence.

    Also, when you are driving you are required to carry your valid licence as well as a current passport at all times.

    If you are in the country and your overseas licence expires and you are unable to renew it, you will be required to apply for a driver’s licence in South Australia.

    If you don’t actually have an overseas licence and you wish to drive in Adelaide, there is a process that you need to go through.

    First you will be required to sit a licence theory test, then obtain a learner’s permit, complete a compulsory amount of hours during the stage of learner permit, and pass the hazard perception test.

    You then obtain a P1 provisional licence for one year and a P2 provisional licence for two years, before graduating to a full driver’s licence.

    Driving Licence Fees:

    The general driving licence fee is $42.00, a provisional licence will cost you $143.00, whereas a learner’s permit is $59.00.

    The majority of countries in Europe as well as the U.S will allow you to easily transfer your licence.

    If your licence expired less than 5 years ago, it is still possible to transfer it to a South Australian licence, however, if it expired more than 5 years ago then you will be obliged to apply for a new South Australian Driving licence.

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