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    New Citizenship Test will require University Level English

    Under the Government's recently proposed changes, migrants will have to pass an IELTs 6 test, which is university-level English that includes writing an academic essay.

    Assistant Minister for Multicultural Affairs Zed Seselja said raising English standards could reduce isolation, and hence the risk of radicalisation.

    "We know that where there are high levels of isolation there is a danger of radicalisation. We know that's one of the dangers," he said.

    "To the extent that people feel part of a community, to extent they are able to get along with fellow citizens, interact with their fellow citizens, I guess radicalisation is less of a risk, whilst I do acknowledge there are far more complex aspects to radicalisation as well."

    But Labor MP Anne Aly, who is an Egyptian-born counter-terrorism expert, disagrees.

    "To suggest that having academic-level English is some kind of magic panacea to radicalisation I think grossly misunderstands radicalisation," she said.

    "There is absolutely no empirical evidence to suggest there is any relationship between an individual's English language competence and their propensity to become radicalised to any form of violence."

    Dr Aly also used to teach English and believes level 6 IELTs for citizenship sets a high bar.

    "Do we really expect people to be able to do that? Do all jobs require you to write an essay?" She asked.

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