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    Top tips when sending money overseas

    mc-logo2.pngBy John Kinghorn from Moneycorp


    Moving to Australia is a big decision. And no doubt you will want to start your new life with as much money as possible. One of the main factors affecting the amount of money you actually start out with is how you choose to exchange your pounds into Australian dollars (or pounds into dollars if sending money back home to the UK).

    That’s where moneycorp can assist - below are some top tips to help you get the most for your money.

    Using your bank?
    Many people leave their foreign exchange in the hands of their bank. Most are unaware that there are other options available to save money. Banks typically won’t offer you as competitive an exchange rate compared with what moneycorp can offer you. The difference in the rate can be up to 4%, meaning you get more Australian dollars for your pounds.

    Personal service
    Using a currency specialist company means you can transfer money overseas with the help of your own Account Manager. They will help you transfer money at the right time, in the right way – for example, when rates are more favourable. Your dealer will work closely with you to manage your currency risks.

    Plan ahead
    The longer you have to arrange your currency transfer, the more flexibility you will have to ensure you get the best deal and exchange rate.

    Special offer for forum members
    No transfer fees if you register through Poms in Oz – banks can charge up to £40 every time you send money overseas therefore you can save money on fees alone.

    Next steps
    Interested in saving money on your overseas currency transfers? Well, it is free and there is no obligation to register for a moneycorp account. Once registered, you will have an Account Manager who can provide live quotes as and when you need them, plus they will go through your requirements in detail. They will also provide information and guidance on the Pound/Australian dollar exchange rate

    Register with moneycorp by clicking here.

    Make an enquiry or ask a question by clicking here.

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