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  • Rachelleedavies

    Anyone from wales living in australia or have recently moved there

    So my family and i are planning the move to perth in 2020 and wondered have any of the welsh made the move and what they think about it and how they have adjusted 

    we are from south wales


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    HI Rachel

    We moved from Pontypridd, Wales to Melbourne.  We had to move to Victoria as we got state sponsorship.

    We will be moving to Perth end of 2020 as well and looking at the following areas which is apparently North of the River (NOR):






    We are originally from South Africa, but have been living in Wales from 2014.  We did the move with 3 kids and used Seven Seas Worldwide Cube to move only a few items.  We bought new beds, washing machine, dryer and some kitchen stuff brand new, as for the rest of the furniture we got on Facebook marketplace.  Good quality and good value.

    Let me know if you have any questions that I  might help with.....I am not a MARA I am just another immigrant 🙂



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    Hi Rachel, 

    Just randomly stumbled across this and thought I'd reply. 

    Me, my husband and my 2 year old daughter are from Newport, we moved to Perth in June and love it. We've adjusted quite easily (we were fortunate to have jobs) and enjoying life.. This weekend sums it up - Sat morn in Freo enjoying the markets and exploring, nursery event in the afternoon with free kids entertainment. Sunday was my Xmas work event where we went sailing on the river and BBQ - perfect 👌 

    Good luck with the move, if you have any queries let me know, if I can help I will 😊

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    Hi Rachel,

    we moved from stunning north Wales, as a family of one now a family of two (Daniel 11 and Emily 7) some 8 and a half years ago to Perth, we live south of the river,

    to be honest its not worked out for us as such and has been stressful from day one, mainly my fault as I have never settled and been very homesick at times, long long story (look at my old posts if you are really bored some time lol 😂)  but hey that's life you never know until you try i suppose.

    Anyhow we will probably be splitting up soonish which will be very hard and i will return to the UK alone as my wife will not move back and now has her family here (mum, dad , brother etc) so i don't blame her.

    So there you go sorry to be a downer lol, 🙄  but at least it gives another perspective to you, i have always found it hot and rather dull and isolated with little culture etc but for some its the best place on earth, we are all different i suppose

    Anyhow good luck i wish you well 🙂


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    We moved to Adelaide in November 2016. 

    I am from North Wales and wife is from Birkenhead. We love it out here and I don’t miss anything from back home. we both have decent jobs and just recently moved in to our newly built house. Adelaide is a quieter city than others but still plenty to do and never a dull moment. 

    we have a good friendship group and probably more social now than we ever were back in the UK. 

    We can drive onto our local beach which takes about 3 minutes. We have a sea view from the new house and are not far from the Wine regions. 

    If you come out with the right mindset and you are determined to make it work you can. It’s not easy at times and at certain points you will think have we made the right move but it is worth it. 

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