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      general wages for a carpenter

      hi all. found this site a few days ago and im hooked.
      my husband is a carpenter and a really good one at that. we are at the early stages of applying.
      can anyone tell me what the average wage is for a chippie and is there really loads of work for them. what the general working hours are although that wont bother him, he works all day and night now, which is one of the reasons we are leaving here, to spend more time together as a family with our two kids aged 9 and 6.
      can any one help
      we are looking at going to queensland can anyone tell us the best places to look at with kids in mind
      any advice will greatly appreciated :D

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      Hiya im no expert on carpenters but there is so much developin and house building going on in Queensland i wouldnt imagine getting a job would be too difficult .What you need to remember is he may have to start at the bottom and 'proove' his skills,my hubby is one of the best in his trade but even though his references say this ,the emplyoers want to see you in action and learn for themselves.hence wages will probably be lower than the uk i think the average wage for trades is around $20-$25 per hour.you can look at seek.com for jobs as this is one of the biggest sites in Queensland ,as for where to move ,most places we have seen since we arrived are family orientaited,schools and parks are everywhere,one of the hardest decisions is choosing where to go ,,theres too much choice ,hope this is of help,take care
      Cal x

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      Hi, Kelly

      My OH is also a Carpenter and our visa application was received in November so we are just waiting for a case officer now. We are hoping to go to Brisbane and were also considering Melbourne. Its really dependant on where my OH can find work. We are going over in May/June to check out the area's and my OH will be hoping to find out about any possible construction work.

      My OH went to one of the forums in Manchester and they said that there was loads of work all over Australia for Carpenters.

      Good luck with everything


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      hi lindsey scott and kids. thanks for your reply. we too are thinking of brisbane or there abouts, where do you live now, we are in essex. did you apply for a skilled visa, how long has it taken you so far,we will be applying very soon. good luck with everything
      best wishes

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      Hi There , we are immigrating in June and hubby is a skilled carpenter, we are wondering also the same things, where do you go with kids to find carpentry work and will the wages pay rental with only one working ?

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      hi alva
      done some digging and from what ive heard your world is pretty much your oyster so to speak, every where needs carpenters as so much building is going on. fortunatly it looks like our husbands are in huge demand, not sure about wages but believe that compared with the cost of living the wages works out ok. we are in the same boat as my husband will the be the only earner. where are you looking on going to oz, we also have two children aged 9 and 6 and we are thinking of queensland. but again it all looks lovely and is is a very hard choice especially if you have not been to oz like us. good luck with you big move.
      can i ask how long did it take to get your visa from the start, have applied for the skilled visa. best wishes

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      Visa times

      Hi Kelly,
      Our kids are 8,4 and 3, and we are planning on going to south of Brisbane, we were there only for a week though and loved it, very green and a pleasant city although we want to live out of the city about half an hour or so. Our visa took about a year and a half roughly, from start to finish but times do vary amoung different people.

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      Hi Kelly,

      Sorry I did not reply straight away, have been super busy!!

      We are from just outside Newcastle and we did our TRA back in October, had our visa acknowledged in Dec as received on 14 November. We are looking forward to visiting Brisbane this year and we were hoping that our visa would be through before Christmas, this seems unlikely as there is quite a backlog at the moment.

      We were quite curious about wages also as I will need to give up work at first while we get settled.

      We will certainly keep you posted if we find anything out!!!!!

      Good luck with everything!!!!

      Lindsay x



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