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    Thread: Cost of Living

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      Cost of Living

      Can anyone give me a rough guide to cost of living in Brissy. We are a family of 4.
      Utilities etc and car costs. Children are 18 and 13.


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      Arrived in Brisbane 5 weeks ago and so far done nothing but spend...

      New Cars quite cheap in comparison to UK, we purchased a Toyota Camry new for $28,000 on the road price. Food i feel is quite expensive compared to the UK, it's the only time in our lives that we spend so long looking for the cheapest food as opposed to UK just going into Tesco and picking up anything.

      If you rent you dont pay rates as these are included in the price, you only pay for water when you go over a certain daily limit. Our house is all electric so so far paying about 15 a week.

      One word of advice, if i had my time again i would ship every item that i owned across, we have had to buy everything again which ate into our budgets.

      Petrol is about 60p a litre which is a saving, on the whole people that i've spoken to and also whats on the news say that things have gone up more in Queensland & Western Australia, how true that is i dont know.

      Best of luck!!

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      The Baggo's
      I have said time and time again COL is expensvie here!



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