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      Residential address

      I've just arrived in Sydney, I have started the process of opening a new account from the UK. I plan on visiting the branch tomorrow to complete the ID Check, my main concern is that it requests a residential address in Australia. I don't have one! I am staying in an airbnb for the next two weeks and looking for more permanent accommodation every day just now. What's the best advice? I clearly don't think the owner would be happy with me using their home address as a mailing address.

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      Welcome to Australia, yes you will be required to provide an Australia address at your identification meeting. I suggest that you speak with the Banker at the time about this, you can provide the airbnb address in the interium and as soon as you have a new address, please inform the branch or you can contact the Customer Direct line on 13 22 65.

      All the best on your stay in Australia.


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