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      Finding a car in AU

      Hi, will land in Oz March/April, will need to secure a vehicle asap. What is the best way to approach this when considering having no hard cash to purchase.

      How easy is it to find a car in this case, perhaps via lease or securing credit to buy if just arriving in the country?

      What would the estimated cost, per month, to lease/repay a loan on a vehicle for a family of 5?

      Any input appreciated...


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      I doubt you'll get finance stepping straight off the plane. They may require proof of income. Do you not have savings of some kind to buy even an older run around to start you off? We bought a decent older car for $6,000 cash, FSH and low km's with the plan to drive it a year or so then get a newer one. 3 plus years on we still have it. Drives great and tbh no desire to upgrade and have the hassle of a new car in and out of the city each week. We don't worry overly about dings and dirt and the car is reliable.

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