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      You are right to focus on childcare as this is likely to be a large expense for you. Ordinarily you get a 50% rebate on out of pocket expenses but these are for providers that are usually open weekdays during the day. I know people who've recently had a child and both parents are on shift work and they are considering a nanny, which means they are not eligible for the government rebate. Some employers have family friendly practices and will keep the graveyard shifts for those with no kids or older kids. Basically it all starts with work for you. Find where and when you will both likely be working and go from there. Will you have jobs or at least interviews arranged ahead of time do you think?

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      Thanks for your help.

      We we are in the process of looking at jobs. My job as a trauma nurse I'm finding is quite limiting as only a select few hospitals specialise in trauma however I can always find another nursing role.

      my partner is a manager of a children's care home and we will hopefully be looking at both having jobs, definitely at least one of us to come out to.

      We we aren't yet set on an area and have looked at a variety of suburbs, between Brisbane and the gold coast and are quite open to areas,

      childcare and schooling is of high importance to us and would like to put the children in a good school.
      So many factors to consider.


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