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      All those are certainly very accessible here. Food is an important part of the Hobart scene - both eating out and food markets - including old style pubs with open fireplaces. (Seen a few PIO posters lamenting the lack of those elsewhere in Oz). Fewer of the sports bar type places than on the mainland.
      In fact food is so important that we have a week long party - called the Taste of Tasmania - to celebrate it each year. Coincidentally it always starts on this date (28th December).

      Rental costs are more expensive close to the city centre (such as the property mentioned by JockinTas). Parking in those areas can be a problem if you have a car - and often the properties are old and not well insulated - but, if you are prepared to travel a bit further out, you can get 2 bedroom rentals for much less - eg. averaging about $320 in a suburb such as Howrah

      or Kingston

      I'm not sure about "predictable weather" - we're used to the "4 seasons in one day" here - but, on average, we're about 5 degrees warmer than your current location, with about 40% less rain and 40% more sunshine hours.
      I can't wait for our Tassie life to start. Not moving to Hobart ( unless work works out like that....wouldn't be disappointed if it did!)- we're hoping to settle in Hawley Beach on the North Coast.
      Good luck with your move Rik &Nik if you go for it!

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      My wife and I want to move to Hobart, but it's all about getting a job ... there's only one place I can work, hope they're hiring ��


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