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      Road trip

      Thinking of a short road trip to see parts of Tasmania. I will only have 4 days so realise time is very limited. Will be flying in and out from Melbourne and have no preference to which airport to arrive/depart from. Can anybody share any potential places I could stay and sites/hikes to see and do?! It will be towards the end of January as I'll be spending Australia Day in Melbourne and will be looking to rent a camper van whilst there so will be wanting to stay at campsites to keep the costs down.
      Thanks :)

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      Have a browse around this site - it has lots of useful information and will help you to choose which would be your priorities as you won't be able to cover the whole state in 4 days:

      Take a note of the distance and drive times in the travel information section as many of the roads are hilly/ mountainous and winding and driving is usually slower than on the flat, straight roads of the mainland. and many people underestimate this.

      These top 10 attractions are a good place to start:

      I would also add Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary (not far from Hobart) if you want to see endemic Tasmanian species....and one of these Pennicott tours if you had longer than 4 days
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