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      Quote Originally Posted by Jamiemadden7 View Post
      I've paid for tickets upfront and if i decide to go with the Lynx, I'm thinking about taking $1,000 for the 2 weeks, which will be food and lynx, anything left over I'll treat myself :)
      Not sure if you mean 1000 AU or US, but either way I have a feeling it will not be enough, have a facility to get more or take a back-up credit card.

      Enjoying life in Queensland

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      1000 US sorry, I've always been away on All-Inclusive holidays so the spending money side to me is difficult to work out haha! I'm not a big restaurant sit down eater, I'm happy grabbing a burger and walking about.

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      Quote Originally Posted by SUPERSTARDJ01 View Post
      Halloween in the us is fantastic, I was in New York in 2009 for Halloween I felt the odd one out as everyone and I mean everyone was dressed up, just amazing.
      I stayed with my friend who lived in Metuchen and it was great seeing all the houses done up.
      I just want PIO to be a happy place where people are nice to each other and unicorns poop rainbows


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