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      We are in Umina Beach but plan on moving next year. The majority of places here are gorgeous imo. Pearl beach, Kilcare, Pretty beach, Terrigal, Avova, Wamberal... the list goes on!

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      Quote Originally Posted by trabonita View Post

      So we have been in Aus for 4 weeks now, we have settled on the Central Coast NSW which is gorgeous. I have used this forum loads for info and so wanted to write something in case others might find it useful. We flew (myself, hubbie and 2 young children) with Singapore airlines, no complaints.
      For anyone travelling with children the best advice is to give yourselves a few weeks to get over jet lag and get sorted before starting work. We found that things like sorting medicare, rentals etc have taken longer as we had to factor in the kids being unsettled/exhausted and the need for them to be out and about playing and not just trailing around boring places all day!

      Finding a rental has been tough. Get medicare sorted, change drivers licence and print out any bank statements, gas/electricity bills and previous renting info if you have it, this will ensure that you have enough ID with your passport and birth certificate too to qualify for applying for rentals. Be friendly with estate agents. We applied for several rentals and they were let to someone else and I think personally it was because we had just arrived and didn't have a history here. I wish we had written a covering letter to go with our application forms as on paper I can see why they would have chosen someone else as my husband had only been working a couple of days. In the end we caught a break as the estate agent for the house we have just accepted is Scottish and I think she really wanted us to get the house and went out of her way to help! We rented an airbnb cabin for 6 weeks and I think this is a good amount of time, I'm sure some people will get a rental as soon as they arrive but we have had the time to really explore areas and decide where we really wanted to focus our search on.

      Weather - has been amazing, a very mild winter here apparently. Temps ranging from 15-24 daytime and lots of sunshine, although it is very chilly in the morning and from 4pm, I would still pack light jackets.

      Cost of food - pretty similar if you shop around and don't do all of your shopping in the big supermarkets, although I would say we are spending slightly more than in the UK, organic food in particular is expensive!

      Petrol is cheap, currently about $1

      Medicare - easy to sort out, either go at 8.30 when it opens or 3pm as this is when school pick up is so apparently it is quiet then too! You don't have to go to your local doctors here you can choose wherever you want. We haven't even thought about this yet.

      We are still looking for a car, you can get rentals cheap so we will continue to do this until we find something. Driving is much nicer here, hardly any traffic and people seem to stick to the speed limit more!

      Feel free to ask any questions.

      Welcome to the heaven...

      Your story reminds me our hardship to get a rental, immediately after arrival.

      I had to pay 3 months rent in advance+Bond to get a single studio. I got a job within 6 weeks.

      Just now realised three years have passed :)

      Hope to meet you and your family at Central cost on a weekend in future. We live at Sydney North.
      I wanna fly... I wanna run.... I even wanna fall... I just don't wanna stop


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