Dogtainers Pet Transport have 14 Offices in Australia & New Zealand we can provide the very best transport withing and back out of Australia.

Dogtainers is Australia’s most experienced relocation company, organising flights, paperwork and more throughout the country since 1971.

We offer trusted and reliable pet travel solutions, so you can be sure that whether your animal companion is travelling domestically within Australia, internationally to a new and exciting overseas destination, we have a service and the expertise that is right for you and your animal.

Pet Transport is what we do all day every day and after 44 years our expertise is second to none.

We arrange pet Travel for over 45,000 Dogs, Cats and other household pets every year.

Please call 1300 13 52 52 or post a question direct and we will do our best to help. We sell Pet Travel crates at all our locations, plus natural pet travel claiming products to help your pet while it travels.