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      NAB is the first bank I have had no issues with, always great service and so helpful when we initially set up our accounts. Migrant services even tried to help us remortgage our UK house, which didn't work out because of the UK lender's rules, but that was service above and beyond :-)

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      A short account (pun intended!) of my NAB experience since 1983.
      I opened an account in 1981, when I came on a month-long visit to suss out the work scenario. We saved all we could in this account until arrival, which went some way to acquiring a mortgage when the time arrived. With only one hiccup, albeit a pretty major one, we have been with NAB to this day, and have received all the service we ever asked for.
      I receive my Service Pension (RAF) by a cheque in Sterling, and it is converted to Aus$ with no charge because it is a Service Pension, not an age one. Over 33 years, that's a considerable saving! Now, I am aware that the bank makes something on the deal, but the beauty of it is that I can hold on to the cheque for the most favourable exchange rate. We have never had a particularly objectionable experience, save that above, and can not foresee any reason to be dissatisfied with our treatment by NAB. Good people, good bank.


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