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      Cost of living


      Ive been thinking about the move to Aus for a Lonnnnnng time now and ive eventually made my mind up, Im coming to Melbourne!! Would love some info on what to expect on the cost of living side, Atm i currently live in Newcastle which is relatively cheap place to live im a sheet metal worker by trade however just working in a call centre doing sales atm. Im averaging about 1600 a month after tax in the uk which comes to around $3000 dollars in Aus. I would be looking at something similar in aus for a 12 month visa anyway until i found a job back in construction and hopefully find a sponsor.

      I would be looking for a lifestyle where i could eat out maybe once a week, with a couple of nights out a month! also would like to join a gym and get a mobile phone, i Would really just like some advice on how i would be looking at for rental/bills/ general expenses would be compared to in the uk. Would be looking at moving somewhere close to a beach with a few pubs and restaurants thinking mordialloc or Williamstown

      Any help would be amazing:)

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      Have a look on here you may find it useful http://www.pomsinoz.com/forum/househ...king-move.html
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