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      spouse visa timeline

      Hi. Would like to know if poss the timelines of others who have applied for the spouse visa and are still waiting or those that have recently been issued. I didn't use an agent for the application, my medical was done 4th Jan ... results sent to London 17th Jan, havent heard anything yet. Seems so long for a decision to be made.


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      Hi, I applied for my spouse visa onshore (in oz) i arrived here in aug 5th 06 with all my personal papers and proof of relationship photos,flight tickets to other countries,invatations as a couple,cards,photos etc - it was sep 28th when i had a interview with a migration officer at the migration department in Sydney,on this day i presented my case to the officer who took 30mins reviewing it all. The officer decided that they wanted one more piece of paper from my ex husband and gave me 2 weeks, i managed to obtain this quite quickly from my ex (to my suprize) and sent this to the migration officer at Sydney.
      My temp spouse visa was granted on Oct 13th (yes it was a friday) lol so all in all my application from time of lodgement to grant took 15 days. Have al ook i have heard peolpe say that you can track your application on this site, i am not sure how it works as i did not have to use it but its worth a look.
      Good luck and let us know how you go



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