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      Post Are Taylor Hampton Solicitors any good?

      Hi there,
      After much deliberation we have narrowed our search of migration agents down to Sammy from Taylor Hampton Solicitors. Our de-facto visa is unique and he seems to have the knowledge and experience in these kinds of difficult cases.

      Has anyone had any good, bad or otherwise experiences with him?

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      Yes we are using Sammy. He is the best we think. Our spouse visa is complicated too, and his knowledge is vast. Sammy thinks out side the box, and makes such an effort.
      He is in contact through out the process with you all the way. I cant praise Sammy enough.
      We are now just doing the waiting game from charcter peeps in oz. Sammy has done all he can to make this process smooth for us. It is a long journey, but to have some like Sammy helping you, it makes the journey not so bad.
      I say go for it with him, he is professional and a great guy too. Good luck with you journey.



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