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      189 likely timescales vs 'visa processing times' ??


      Can anyone help clarify likely timescales for a 189 visa. I've read in a few places, including immi website, that processing times are 12 months from the application date. However looking at some of the posts on here things seem to move a lot quicker.

      What is the likely time from lodging an EOI to getting invited to apply?
      What is the likely time from applying for your visa to getting final approval?

      I understand there's no certainty on timescales but it would be really useful to hear how other people have got on.

      Thanks in advance


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      Definitely not 12 months as of now... It does not take more than 2 months to be assigned a case officer for a 189 Visa. This is how it has been till last month I can say. Could change from July 1 2013 as there will be a lot of other Visa Classes being Invited and they would fall in a upper priority class than the 189 Visas. So it could increase 189 processing times but I am just speculating here. I would not know for sure.!
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      Unless you get medical referred for spot check- see my timeline I'm still waiting :'(
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      Quote Originally Posted by carol View Post
      Unless you get medical referred for spot check- see my timeline I'm still waiting :'(
      Or get your background checks referred.... we`ve been waiting since August 2012 for that, everything else was finalized in July ( CO was assigned to us in about a month).

      If you`ve never traveled/lived in a "high risk" country, yours should get processed much faster than that.
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