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      Private or state schools near Southport , Gold Coast

      Hello, my hubby is negotiating a job in Southport on the Gold Coast and we are looking to be there around Xmas. I realise the schools will close for Xmas and not open till the end of Jan for new school year . So was panicking ... I would like any recommendations for private or state schools in this area for a 5 ,6 and 8 year old .

      Also as I will probably be arriving when the schools are closed for holidays does anyone have experience of trying to find schools at the beginning of a school year?

      Thanks for any help/ advice x jodie

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      I have an 11 year old daughter that goes to Benowa State School. We placed her in a private catholic school when we came here thinking it would be better for her, ie, much smaller than the state schools, but after nearly 3 years of not being happy at school, and bullying etc, we have recently moved her to Benowa State. Which to be honest, we would have put her there in the first place, but she wanted the smaller school. (Should have stuck with our instinct). Benowa is an extremely good state and high school, with excellence programmes. Often outdoes a lot of the private schools in terms of results. So far, so good with Benowa. I work in southport and it takes me no more than 10 minutes to get to work from Benowa (about 7 if all the lights are green). There are quite a few other schools that are in the vicinity of southport, some state, some private.

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      Try http://www.myschool.edu.au top right enter a suburb you want and it will list all state and private schools in that area. Put curser on the school you want and hit enter. Then you have to tick the agree box and enter the code press submit. Now scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the box which says results in numbers. Easy way to understand is Red is bad, white is average and green is above average.
      You can also use http://www.whereis.com key in any suburb and hit find it will give you a map of the area, you can then press directions and enter a different suburb the program will then give you distance in KM and Time between the two so you can find out driving time for example from a residential area to a school or work. Bare in mind "Smith Street" is a traffic night mare and the road one takes to get off the M1 freeway to Southport so factor in some extra time if you chose suburbs like Pacific Pines, Coomera, or any other area that feeds onto the M1. Good Luck. Oh Varsity College at Varsity Lakes is a good school but tight on only taking children in its catchment area.
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